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Payroll and HRMS software Saudi Arabia precisely calculates the employee salary. Employees rely on their salary for their needs, for which they are compensated. As a result, a wage error will leave them disappointed and unsatisfied with your company. It might lead to more disagreements and hassles in the HR department. But what if your payroll system removes human mistakes and inaccuracies?

Artify 360, the HR software in Saudi Arabia, features an effective payroll administration solution for processing your workers’ paycheck. Its seamless interaction with other HR modules enables it to acquire exact data about an employee before the process begins.

Using an effective payroll system like Artify 360, the HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, may save your HR department’s time and energy, decrease wage disagreements, and foster a strong connection with your workers. It may provide you peace of mind, and you can use this time to concentrate on other activities.


  • Payroll approval in one click
  • Create documents in bank format
  • Compliant with the legislation of Saudi Arabia
  • Create a paid receipt
  • Make payroll reports
  • Payroll system on the cloud
  • Zero paperwor
  • Consistent data processing
  • Smart integrations


  • Controls payrolls of your employees in several locations
  • Simplifies payroll procedure to improve accuracy
  • Precise reporting for forecasting future expenses
  • Improves staff retention
  • Request for management permission is automated
  • Document production in bank format is automated
  • Payslip viewing and downloading are more simplified than ever
  • A payslip history allows you to keep track of your wage payments