Best Human Resource Management Software

Recruitment management software in Saudi Arabia can help companies make the correct choices. Such robust software may help reduce the strain of recruiting, which is a significant issue for most HR managers. Contacting several prospects, evaluating their applications, arranging interviews, and so on might take a considerable amount of your time and attention.

Artify 360, the leading HR software in Saudi Arabia, can help with its innovative recruiting management system. You’ll receive enough tools and automation with Artify 360 to streamline the recruiting process while saving time and energy. As a reward, you will be able to concentrate more on the quality of your recruits, helping your organization establish a quality team.

Yes, Artify 360, the HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, can assist you in attracting more positive individuals that fit readily into your corporate culture. Hiring such personnel will help your firm reduce the attrition rate.


  • Dedicated recruiter
  • A front-end job with a dedicated CMS page
  • Social media promotion for job roles
  • Flawless applications collection
  • Quick interview scheduling
  • Parameters for each candidate and role
  • Streamlines application filtering based on parameters


  • With a simple tap, you can download the resume
  • Set the status of the interview
  • Shortlists of qualified individuals are created quickly
  • Interview schedules and follow-ups that are in sync
  • A unique portal for tracking the progress of your hire
  • To ensure fair hiring, provide your recruiters with unique passwords
  • Learn about the current status of interviews
  • A powerful CMS for modifying and publishing job postings on your job board
  • Manage and personalize the job board’s pages