Employee offboarding module in Artify 360 is an advanced offboarding tool for managing employee offboarding in your company. No organization wants its employees to go and work for another company citing it as the greatest opportunity. Because your HR team has to substitute the talent by repeating the recruiting process, which is tedious and expensive.

But what if a reliable solution could assist you in managing your off-boarding process while simultaneously creating a talent pool for the future? Artify 360, the HCM software in Saudi Arabia, can help you streamline your off-boarding process by conducting departure interviews and developing strong connections with leaving workers.

Such pleased individuals may rejoin your company in the future. They may suggest friends or family members join your company, contributing to developing a talent pool. Artify 360, an all-in-one HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, is everything your organization needs to enjoy the advantages of a successful off-boarding procedure.

The following are the characteristics of the best HR software in Saudi Arabia


  • Simple resignation procedure
  • Timely final settlements
  • Clearance form functionality
  • Conducts exit interviews for departing workers
  • Promotes legal compliance
  • Identify and study the exit patterns
  • Retrieve and administer the assets that resigned workers have returned
  • Schedule off-boarding dates
  • Report on the assets returned by resigned workers


  • Increasing the number of people who want to work for your company
  • Highlight your company’s reputation
  • It assists in understanding the cause of an employee’s leaving
  • Discovers any prevalent trends in employee departure
  • Helps lower employee turnover
  • Conducts exit interviews
  • Exact last payment for leaving workers
  • Ensures the legal compliance of the firm
  • Automates the whole off-boarding procedure
  • It includes a complete checklist to guarantee a seamless transition
  • It aids in identifying weaknesses in your firm
  • Provides information security for your company
  • Cross-training is possible for your employees
  • A simple assessment of your team’s skills