Payroll Reports

You can generate HR Reports in HCM Software in Saudi Arabia. Artify 360, HR department software in Saudi Arabia, is designed with an accurate report creation system that assists your firm in producing HR reports. These reports assist you in examining your company’s historical performance and making conscious decisions.

The capacity of Artify 360, the HR system software in Saudi Arabia, to provide exact reports with multiple filter choices is a significant benefit. As a result, the reports will always be clear and error-free, which you can always trust.

The numerous filter options allow you to produce the reports you want, saving time on tedious tasks. Artify 360, the top HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, empowers you to make sound choices based on facts. Such information is priceless, and your firm will gain much from it.


  • Definite payroll reports
  • Comprehensive HR reports
  • Explicit salary reports
  • Employee leave reports
  • Loan/advance reports
  • Indemnity reports
  • Employee attendance reports
  • Punch summary reports


  • It provides detailed information on the company’s resources
  • Salary advancement history is now more promptly created
  • Benefits payroll management by providing transparent leave reports
  • Credible details on employee advances or loans
  • Ensures that attendance reports are correct
  • Departmental summary papers are simple and clear to get
  • Receive yearly pay reports for your staff
  • Dynamic projection of your recruiting requirements
  • Employee compensation is regulated and evaluated
  • Allows you to make calculated hiring choices
  • It helps you understand your staff and their requirements better
  • Allow you to make strategic choices for the success of your organization