Best Human Resource Management Software

Attendance management software in Saudi Arabia is a non negotiable software for small and large businesses in Saudi Arabia. Do you still use excel sheets or spreadsheets to record employee attendance? If this is the case, you should be conscious that there is a simpler, faster, and less error-prone approach to maintaining employee attendance. Artify 360, an HR management software in Saudi Arabia, automates employee attendance, saving you time, effort, and resources.

Artify 360 is a cloud HRMS software in Saudi Arabia that enables your employees to mark their attendance from any location suitable for working remotely. To increase the efficiency of your attendance monitoring, Artify 360 facilitates the integration of any biometric devices.

Artify 360’s attendance module communicates with the payroll module to precisely calculate shift timings, wages, and overtime. The attendance management in the Artify 360 HR software in Saudi Arabia adheres to Saudi government norms and laws.


  • Meticulous and swift calculations
  • Tools for complex data retrieval and analysis
  • Employees can log in remotely
  • Tracking attendance in real-time
  • Pinpoint and explore attendance trends
  • Impeccable biometric integrations
  • Adaptable to the demands of the enterprise
  • Setting monthly timesheets
  • Proper overtime calculation


  • It makes your process easier
  • Attendance has been more consistent
  • A paperless office
  • Real-time tracking
  • Contemporary employee attendance monitoring solutions
  • Expanded staff productivity
  • Reduces silly mistakes and redundant data
  • Provides authentic and up-to-date attendance data
  • Prohibits employees from entering invalid login information
  • Molds and simplifies the payroll process
  • Minimizes employees’ reliance on manual input