leave management module

With the leave management software in Saudi Arabia can effectively manage the employees in your company. Sick time, casual leave, parental leave, luxury leaves, holidays, sandwich leaves, and so on are all leave options in the workplace. Managing these leaves may not be difficult if your organization is new. But if you have more than 10 workers, you should consider implementing HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, such as Artify 360. Otherwise, monitoring all employee leaves and absences directly tied to an employee’s wage would be challenging.

Poor leave management may lead to paying errors, and you know the repercussions of wage errors. Artify 360 is the best cloud HRMS software in Saudi Arabia for applying and approving leaves. Artify 360, as an all-in-one HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, increases transparency in your firm by enabling workers to check their total leaves, the amount of remaining paid leaves, remaining leave categories, and so on.


  • A more effective approach for tracking leave
  • better employee satisfaction
  • Lowers employee turnover
  • Ensures that leave rules are followed legally
  • Reduces the possibility of a human error
  • Improves efficiency and boosts employee morale
  • Effectively incorporating important HR components
  • Upgrades data accuracy
  • Adjustable and user-friendly settings
  • Useful for all sectors
  • Correct annual leave calculations


  • Control your workers’ absences from anywhere
  • Oversees the leave encashment of your employees
  • Integration with your payroll that works
  • Data input fields that are customizable
  • A cloud-based and low-cost approach
  • Request, authorize, or modify leaves from anywhere
  • Regularly update the leave balance of an employee
  • Customize your company’s leave approval procedure
  • HR manual interventions are no longer necessary
  • Impeccable accuracy in leave reporting
  • Enhances organizational collaboration
  • Employees and the HR staff save time
  • Avoids having numerous leaves on the same day