HRMS software in Saudi Arabia for onboarding facilitates making the most remarkable first impression is crucial when a new employee joins your firm with many aspirations and goals. The initial impression will always linger and contribute to their respect and worth in the company. For the same purpose, many enterprises in Saudi Arabia employ Artify 360, the best HRMS software in Saudi Arabia.

Artify 360, the top HCM software in Saudi Arabia, supports your firm in giving a tailored and delightful experience with its onboarding strategies. You can input the workers’ vital information for future reference throughout the onboarding process. You can assign employees shifts, duties, and privileges.

A comprehensive onboarding process enables new workers to grasp their duties and adjust rapidly. They know what is required of them and to who they will report. Artify 360, the cloud HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, stands apart from the competition by offering a comprehensive onboarding experience.


  • Documentations in digital form
  • Adaptable Automation
  • Integration with key Hr modules
  • Employee management from one place
  • A checklist for an efficient onboarding
  • Quicker employee onboarding
  • Employees’ customized onboarding experience
  • Cloud-based with remote access
  • Software optimized for mobile devices too
  • Using analytics to improve decision making


  • This leads to fewer HR interactions
  • A uniform onboarding experience
  • Shrinks attrition in your organization
  • Solid onboarding automation
  • A greater grasp of the talents and competencies of recruits
  • Work smoothly with critical HR components
  • Helps foster employee productivity
  • Promotes positive engagement and communication with the firm