Best Human Resource Management Software

Artify 360 is the HR Software for Calendar Management in Saudi Arabia. Your team will have several meetings, customer meetings, and other significant events as your firm quickly develops. Suppose you don’t have an excellent system to keep track of all these events and dates. In that case, it may lead to significant issues and ambiguity. As a consequence, you run the danger of missing crucial dates and appointments. To prevent such problems, use the Best HCM software in Saudi Arabia.

The HR department software in Saudi Arabia is Artify 360, which features a calendar management system for recording crucial dates and meetings. You can utilize the group scheduling system to boost your team’s productivity. You can simplify your complete calendar management with Artify 360, the best HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, eliminating missing and delayed meetings.


  • An option to drag
  • The UI is simple to use
  • View blocked dates, and the events linked with them
  • Search and filter results easily
  • An automated fluid integration
  • Incorporates a goal-tracking system
  • complete and accurate reports


  • Both manual and automated event creation and event scheduling
  • Quickly monitor and manage your company’s objectives
  • For exact calculations, it is integrated with leave management
  • Streamlines calendar management to prevent conflicting events
  • Produces reports to assist you in evaluating your time management
  • Real-time reminder about impending events
  • The meeting date and hour can be easily changed
  • Allows for straightforward data interchange across departments
  • Improves team communication and coordination
  • The administration of employee tasks should be enhanced.
  • Improves staff retention