Core HR

Handle core HR operations in Artify 360 is the key to success for small and large businesses in Saudi Arabia. Established organizations have key methodologies for growth that they regularly repeat. This model encompasses them in optimizing their everyday HR processes to function at their best. If you do not yet have such a structure, do not fret; you may attain this by using the core HR module of Artify 360, the best HRMS software in Saudi Arabia.

Artify 360 helps organizations gather databases about employees, their skill sets, wage progression, and asset monitoring. It also handles vital papers such as visas, work permits, and passports. So the businesses choose Artify 360’s core HR module, the top HR software in Saudi Arabia.

Artify 360, the human resource software in Saudi Arabia, is built with the country’s rules in mind. Artify 360 can help small and big businesses since it is the HRMS software in Saudi Arabia that you can rely on.


  • A comprehensive personnel database
  • A simple search with filtering options
  • Coherent employee transfer
  • Handle complex employee promotions
  • Administer employee warnings and dismissals
  • Successful employee travel management
  • Determine employee grades
  • Compatibility with other critical HR components


  • Maintain a record of each employee’s reward info
  • Manage your firm’s notices and terminations
  • Organize and plan your workers’ travel
  • Keep track of your workers’ travel budgets and spending
  • Artify 360 assists you in saving time on tedious chores
  • It aids in the protection of sensitive data of your workforce
  • Manage your whole staff from one place
  • It is linked to payroll, hiring, and attendance HR modules
  • Simplified and accelerated employee data access
  • Increases transparency and employee happiness
  • A clear and outstanding staff experience
  • It helps you see your business decisions more certainly