Appraisal Management in HRMS software

Appraisal management software ensures every employee in a firm looks forward to performance reviews. You should fairly compensate employees for their contributions based on these performance reviews. However, handling evaluation as an HR executive is challenging because you must create appropriate expectations for your personnel. Your efforts may be fruitless if you do not have a structured strategy for creating and measuring expectations. That’s where Artify 360, the payroll and HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, comes in.

With Artify 360, the HR software system in Saudi Arabia, you can effortlessly manage the assessment process in your organization. You may create suitable targets and monitor staff performance in each category. Having such performance metrics in your HRMS software in Saudi Arabia helps your organization create realistically and easily reached employee goals.

Artify 360, the best HRMS software in Saudi Arabia, provides a review system that lets your company share information about employee performance. This will enhance your company’s visibility and help workers take the actions required to enhance their output.


  • Employee performance indices
  • Employee performance is evaluated
  • Measures employee and department goals
  • Different evaluation types
  • Simple progress monitoring
  • Explicit metrics
  • 360-degree evaluation of employee functioning
  • Scrutinize employee skill sets
  • Analyze employee interest


  • Devise a working plan to enhance the employee output
  • Set a personalized objective for your employees
  • Trace and direct the objectives of each employee
  • Discern the correct employee for promotion
  • Augments team morale and business environment
  • Allows the identification of the employee’s contribution
  • Aids in the evaluation of employee training outcomes
  • View all of your company’s goal monitoring in one location
  • Increases team engagement of an employee
  • Encourages employee career advancement
  • Clarifies the company’s expectations of workers
  • Keep a record of employee performance throughout time