Every employer wishes their employees to be present on time for work. However, employee attendance management in your company is challenging as many employees will be inconsistent with their timely arrival. Suppose you have a proper system to manage the attendance of your employees. In that case, it will be easier to maintain discipline in your company and effectively manage employee payroll in your organization.

Hence you should adopt attendance management software in Saudi Arabia for your company. The attendance management system helps you record, track and analyze the attendance of your employees. These data are crucial for processing the payroll of your employees.

If you are looking for attendance software in Saudi Arabia, here are the ten essential features you should consider. Before that, let’s discuss the benefits of an attendance management system for your company


As attendance data are required for payroll calculation, you must pay attention to the accuracy of employee attendance. With manual systems, there is a high chance of miscalculations due to the failure of punch attendance on time and wrong inputs. Automated attendance software in Saudi Arabia helps you avoid these by recording employee attendance in real-time.


Manually managing employee attendance can be tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors if you make an error in attendance calculation which will be reflected in your payroll calculation too. However, automated attendance software helps you enhance productivity by automating the entire process and eliminating errors.

Cost Effective

Automated payroll systems help your company speed up attendance management and payroll calculation. It also ensures that the entire process is error-free and accurate, reducing the cost of payroll management.

Legal Compliance

A cloud attendance system ensures the legal compliance of your business by managing employee attendance effectively. It prevents legal issues against your business caused by incorrect attendance data.

To reap the benefits mentioned above, you must incorporate an attendance management system. As promised, here are the essential features you must look for when purchasing attendance management software in Saudi Arabia.

1. Clocking in and out

This essential feature of attendance software allows employees to enter their clock-in and clock-out times and punch their breaks. The inputs can be done through a biometric system or a mobile application. Make sure the software you choose has biometric integration.

2. Leave Management

Leaves are the fundamental rights of your employees, and there will be many types of leaves in your company. So you can mark all absences as loss of pay. Hence you should ensure a proper leave management feature in your attendance system.

3. Payroll Integration

As we mentioned above, attendance calculation is necessary for salary payments of your employees. So your attendance management software should be integrated with your payroll system to ensure seamless data processing. Payroll integration also simplifies complicated calculations, such as overtime calculations, and provides flexibility to your system.

4. Automated Communication

The rise of remote work culture signifies the need for attendance software in Saudi Arabia that can be automated and work remotely. The cloud-based attendance system will automate attendance management without frequent manual intervention, which is impossible in a remote work setting.

5. Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications are a must-have feature for your attendance tracking software in Saudi Arabia. With this feature, your HR team will be notified if an employee punches attendance later than the allotted time. So you can take immediate action based on the notification you received.

6. Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service is essential for the modern workforce as they are more convenient for your employees and enhances employee engagement in your company. Thai feature allows your employees to mark their attendance with mobile applications without HR intervention.

Also, they can access their attendance and leave data effectively without the constant intervention of your HR management team.

7. Calendar Integration

The capability of your attendance management software to integrate with calendars such as google calendar allows your team and managers to know your availability on a day. It is valuable in remote work environments, and you can avoid frequent phone calls from your team.

8. Biometric Attendance

Suppose your company has a specific work schedule. In that case, you can use a biometric system to record the attendance of your employees. The biometric system helps prevent buddy punching and other such practices that can hurt your employee attendance accuracy.

9. Attendance Reports

Attendance reporting is an essential feature you must look for in attendance tracking software in Saudi Arabia. It helps you gather employee attendance reports and find any patterns or trends. Analyzing these reports helps you identify the committed employees and those who are not sincere. This data comes in handy, especially during appraisal management.

10. Employee Requests

Your attendance software should be flexible enough to manage your employees’ clock-in and clock-out times in certain circumstances. In some cases, employees may forget to punch their attendance, or they may be working from their homes or any other location. In these cases, your employees should be able to request their attendance, and you can enter it for them.

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