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Employee Offboarding Management Software

A Proven Method for Offboarding Your Staffs

Accurate employee offboarding process for prompt final settlements

With the right employee management software in the Middle East, you can ensure a smooth offboarding process for your Middle Eastern employees. During onboarding, you’ll get to recognize new hires and help them adjust to their roles. During offboarding, you assist an employee in formally ending their employment with the company.

Since you’ll have to go through the challenging process of filling the void left by departing employees, onboarding is more appealing for your HR team than offboarding. Therefore, it stands to reason for HR departments to provide less significance to the offboarding process.

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Manage Your Staff Better and Enhance Employee Retention

It’s common to feel devastated when a valued employee departs your organization. While it may be difficult to re-engage a former employee, the findings of any study demonstrate that it is feasible to do so. They will also recommend potential employees to join your team.

Artify 360 HR software in the Middle East, allows for speedy scheduling and completion of exit interviews. Exit interviews are a great way to get insight into your workers’ motivations and career aspirations. This information might help you increase your company’s attractiveness to workers and reduce turnover.

Employee offboarding with Artify 360 software makes it easy to manage employee resignations by simply noting the date and the reason for the departure.

Artify 360’s streamlined accounting processes make settling up with departed employees simple and quick.

Employee offboarding process with Artify 360 allows you to conduct exit interviews with departing employees to better understand their motivations for leaving.

Artify 360 helps analyze your company’s absence statistics and pinpoint the leading causes of employee attrition.

An important obligation is to collect any company assets used by departing employees. By using Artify 360 employee management software in the Middle East you can check the state of all your assets and make sure they have been recovered.

Keep track of who has left your company to learn more about behind-the-scenes.

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Countless Features of an Effective Offboarding Procedure with Artify 360

While onboarding is about making new hires feel welcome, offboarding is about restoring relationships with those who are leaving. Employees who are reminded of how much they are appreciated are more likely to return to work for you.

  • Ontime final settlement
  • Simplified resignation
  • Employee relationship
  • Manage all resignations
  • Exit description

Successful employee offboarding will result in a positive relationship with leaving employees. Your company’s reputation and credibility will soar due to endorsements from former employees.

  • Referrals from employees
  • Enhanced credibility
  • motivates potential employees
  • Proves your credibility
  • Possibilities of return

You can find out why workers are leaving your company by conducting exit interviews and analyzing patterns in employee departures using Artify 360 employee offboarding in Dubai.

  • Exit interviews
  • Exit descriptions
  • Resignation reason
  • Exit notice
  • View all resignations
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Asset Recovery from Departing Employees Is a Breeze with Artify 360

Artify 360 is essential to retrieve business assets from leaving workers. Hardware and software would both be included in this category of assets. Quickly restoring assets and ensuring they are in the functioning condition is possible with the help of Artify 360, employee offboarding process

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The Artify 360 Software is a Legal Compliance Solution for Your Business

From the final settlement through the conclusion of all offboarding operations, Artify 360 employee management software in the Middle East ensures your organization is in full compliance with the law. Artify 360’s offboarding process is rigorously tested at every level to guarantee that it complies with the law.

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