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Superior Business Travel Management Software for GCC Countries

The top-rated ticketing and refunding air ticket management

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Air Ticket Management Software

Advanced Employee Travel Management Software

Prepare yourself for any upcoming business travel. Facilitate the purchase and usage of plane tickets by employees

Many of your workers will take holidays and business travels regularly. However, you should know that you can reduce such travel costs in your organization by at least 25%.

Business organizations can benefit from Artify 360’s business travel management software for GCC countries by taking advantage of its low price and efficient setup. It reduces the strain on the company’s budget associated with handling airline tickets.

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Innovative and Functional Software for Managing Employee Travel Expenses

Using Artify 360, workers can quickly request plane tickets, extra ticket reimbursements, and trip compensation. With only a few mouse clicks, an HR manager can quickly and accurately evaluate requests and approvals and respond appropriately.

The employee travel management, Artify 360 is a crucial piece of human resources infrastructure for companies of all sizes. Its ability to communicate with your payroll software means that salaries will always be calculated correctly and on time.

Human resources professionals don’t need a deep understanding of technology to use Artify 360’s air ticket management.

You can adjust the features of our business travel management system to meet your unique requirements.

In all respects, Artify 360 abides by all applicable rules and regulations. You can be confident that all your staff members can travel on company business legally.

Artify 360, the best air ticket management software allows you to seamlessly integrate your company’s leave and payroll administration systems with your travel management software.

Artify 360’s air ticket management gives you a fuller understanding of your company’s financial health than ever before.

Employee travel data is one kind of data that Artify 360 can supply, which might come in handy during inspections and reviews.

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Employee Air Ticket Management System
Employee Travel Management

The Versatile Software for Organizing Official Trips

Artify 360, the air ticket management in UAE streamlines the process of booking airline tickets for employees. If the request is granted, you’ll need to touch once to give your staff members their air tickets.

  • Easy ticket booking
  • Approval on different levels
  • Single-click authorization
  • Attach tickets
  • Quick actions

Your team can get reimbursed promptly for unused aircraft tickets using Artify 360. You can include the refund amount in the worker’s next paycheck.

  • A simple request for a refund
  • Several Verifications
  • Approval with a single click
  • Consensus and approval
  • Integrating payroll

Employee travel management like Artify 360 streamlines issuing and redeeming airline tickets, which can increase morale across your organization.

  • View all requests in one place
  • Access your refunds in one location
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Minimizes travel cost
  • Reliable trip reports
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A Simple Travel Booking Software in the Middle East

Your company’s time off and payroll systems can communicate with Artify 360 HRMS in the Middle East, a travel management solution for your employees. Through more apparent payments and reimbursements, this interface will increase employee enthusiasm for your company.

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Business Trip Planning Software

Using Artify 360, You Can Regulate Your Business’s Travel Budget

With the data created by Artify 360, a business travel management software for GCC countries, you can keep tabs on the money your workers spend on travel and look for trends. Learn the most expensive and least expensive months to travel. Your HR department can use this information to make more economical business travel preparations.

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