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HR Management Software in the Middle East for Day-To-Day HR Tasks

Artify 360 HR management system enables you to handle employee loans, advances, and more

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HR Management Software

Artify 360 Helps You Organize Your HR Functions

By automating and structuring HR operations, you can save your HR staff time

Your human resources department is the vital department that oversees all other departments. The human resources department of a firm deals directly with its personnel. An HR team’s principal responsibility is to assist employees in doing their duties without difficulty while providing benefits that boost their efficiency.

Artify 360 is the greatest HR management software in the Middle East, developed with input from hundreds of HR departments. Artify360 strives to assist businesses in resolving challenges encountered by their HR team. Furthermore, it offers incredible features to boost your employees’ productivity and employee happiness.

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Build Excellent Relationships with Your Employees

You can effortlessly manage employee concerns using Artify 360 HR management systems. You can save the specifics of the complaint and view them whenever you want. The expenditure head function lets your staff quickly and easily declare an item they have incurred. If your firm offers loans and advance payments to its employees, it could be managed with Artify 360 HR management in Qatar.

Loans and advances can be added with exact calculations and incorporated into the payroll system for seamless operation. Meetings and event management are two more significant elements of Artify 360’s HR management software in the Middle East. Meetings can be scheduled and organized using the event management system.

With Artify 360, you can receive complaints and offer a quick response to build trust.

Your employees can claim any expense effortlessly you spend for your business purpose.

With Artify 360 HR management systems, you can manage the advance payments offered to your employees. You can view the list of advance requests made by your employees.

You can store and view the loan details of your employees. With Artify 360 HR management, you can view the list of all loans offered to your employees.

Oversee all the events planned by your organization for your employees. The events calendar provides comprehensive information on the scheduled events.

With Artify 360 HR management solution, you can organize business meetings. You can add new meetings and view the list of all scheduled meetings.

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HR Management System
HR Management

Artify 360 Enhances Your Business Productivity with Less Work in Less Time

Your employees would have various concerns that hinder their productivity and cause workplace distractions. So it is essential to have a system to hear their feedback and complaints so that you can provide a quick solution to the concern.

  • Add complaints
  • View complaints
  • Attach documents
  • Complaint description
  • Quick solution

Employee loans and salary advances are intended to support your employees during tough times and needs. Artify 360 HR management software in the Middle East has a unique solution built for HR managers through which you can manage employee loans and salary advance payments. These calculations are accurate as they will impact the employee payroll.

  • Add expense claim
  • View all claims
  • Request salary advance
  • List all advances
  • Advance salary report

Proper planning and scheduling of events and meetings in your company will increase employee participation. With Artify 360, you can prevent date clashes, which confuses your employees. A structured process in your company will enhance employee trust and productivity.

  • Add new event
  • List all events
  • Add new meeting
  • List all meeting
  • Comprehensive calendar
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Import Accurate and Up-To-Date Data with Artify 360 in an Easy Way

Data is crucial for all the calculations and processes done by your HR department. Hence Artify 360 enables you with an easy and efficient way to import data to your HR management system. The data import process is simple and does not require technical skills to make the data more accurate and relevant.

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Human Resource Management
Human Resource Development

Manage Holidays in Your Company Efficiently with Artify 360

Clear access to the list of holidays available for your employees helps them to plan. It also increases employee commitment and boosts the credibility of your business. Based on your planning, you can set the holiday status to published or unpublished.

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