Managing all the HR functions in your company manually can be daunting as it requires more time and effort and is inefficient. You spend hours and hours managing your employees, your payroll calculation is inaccurate, and your employees start leaving your company. It is due to the lack of proper HR management in your company.

Manually managing HR operations is an outdated and inefficient method. The modern workforce has evolved, and employees today expect an employee-friendly work environment and a transparent workspace. So the need for proper HR software in Dubai is inevitable for modern businesses.

In this article, let’s discuss the employee life cycle in your organization and how you can effectively manage your HR activities with automated HRMS software. With these insights, you can understand the value of HR  software in UAE and the benefits it can bring to your business in the long run.

So without wasting time, let’s first begin with the employee lifecycle in a company. Understanding these stages and the tasks involved for the HR team during these stages is crucial for better employee management.

Stages of Employee Lifecycle in a Company


The goal of recruitment is to find a suitable candidate for the job vacancy in your company. The HR team should find the exact requirements of the position, publish it in various mediums, attract applications, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and select the best candidate.


The goal of employee onboarding in a company is to facilitate the transition of your candidate to employee. Onboarding is when your new hires will know about your company and develop a positive impression of their roles. The HR team should facilitate proper communication between new hires and previous employees.

The candidates should understand what’s expected of them by the company and how their contribution makes a difference for the company.


During this stage, the HR team should measure and analyze the employees’ performance, attendance, and commitment. If the employee lacks in any area, HR managers should provide extensive training and help employees to develop their skills. The employees should be provided with training on the latest technologies which help them in career development.


Once employees work in a company for a certain period, they will look for other opportunities that offer them more freedom and money. To avoid this, you must make your work environment more employee-friendly and provide bonuses and other benefits.


You must initiate a proper offboarding process if your employee departs from your company. The offboarding process involves the final settlement, retirement plans, and offering a warm farewell to your employees.

These are the five crucial stages in an employee lifecycle in your company. Now let’s discuss how the vital features of HR system software in Dubai help you manage your employees during their entire life cycle.

The Essential Features of HR Software in UAE

Employee Management

Employee management involves connecting the employee to your organization and gathering all the information about your employees. Only when you have all the relevant data of your employees can you manage them effectively? Using manual systems to collect and store employee data is ineffective as they lack proper security. Also, it will be hard for your team to access the stored data when needed.

The HR software in Dubai helps you with effective employee management. You can collect all the employee data required and store it safely and securely. The advanced data management system allows you to retrieve employee data when needed.

Attendance and Leave management

Your employees’ salaries are calculated based on their attendance and leave data. So your attendance and leave management should be accurate and reliable. Manually managing employee attendance and leaves can be time-consuming and lead to errors that will reflect in your payroll management.

However, HR software in Dubai helps you eliminate these errors through quick and effective attendance and leave management in your company. You can manage all types of employee leaves with HR software in Dubai which is handy for your HR team.

File Management

Your company should have to manage curial documents, employees’ files, and essential business documents. The lack of a proper system to collect all this data could affect your business in terms of security and accessibility.

As mentioned above, the HR software in Dubai enables you to store, organize and retrieve data when you need it. It supports multiple file formats and uses cloud storage to protect your data. Cloud data storage allows you to recover your data if any data loss occurs.

Multiple Workspaces

If your company has a presence in multiple locations, it will be challenging to manage them consistently. With HR management software in Dubai, you can manage your company’s HR functions in multiple locations. The system is easy to use, and you can create a customized workflow for all locations, which ensures your organization functions seamlessly.

Artify 360 – The Best HR Software in Dubai

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It ensures the scalability of your business as every process in your company is consistent, no matter the size of your employees. You can manage multiple locations of your company with Artify 360 HR software in Dubai.

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