The onboarding process is a continuation of the hiring process because onboarding aims to welcome new employees to the company and integrate them into your workforce. A successful onboarding process allows your company to provide new hires with a smooth transition. You can also manage common onboarding issues such as a lack of role clarity and difficulty navigating the team culture. Artify 360, the leading HRMS portal UAE, is required for a successful onboarding process.

Artify 360, the HR system software UAE optimizes a company’s onboarding based on the company’s goals and needs. It starts with the documentation process, where vital information about the employee is recorded, and roles are assigned. You can quickly enter the employee’s information, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Artify 360, the best HRMS software in UAE, provides an efficient onboarding process that significantly benefits the company. It assists new employees in understanding their roles, being aware of the challenges and scope of the role, and seamlessly navigating the work culture.


  • Digital documentation
  • Adaptable to the company’s needs
  • Smooth integration of other HR modules
  • Functions as a central location of employee management
  • A checklist for efficient onboarding
  • The proper and personalized employee onboarding process
  • The best Cloud HRMS software in UAE
  • Available as a mobile application for remote access
  • Analyze data for a deeper understanding of employees


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Onboarding that is simple and efficient
  • Onboarding metrics you should pay attention to
  • Department-specific improvements to the onboarding process
  • A detailed checklist for new hires
  • Make changes to or add new items to the onboarding procedure
  • Reduces workplace uncertainty for employees
  • Outlines the duties and tasks of each individual
  • Reducing the number of human resources (HR) encounters
  • A standardized procedure for new employees to be brought on board
  • Your company’s attrition rate is reduced
  • Automated onboarding
  • Improved knowledge of incoming recruits’ talents and qualifications
  • Integrate seamlessly with key HR components
  • Enhances the output of employees
  • The engagement of workers is improved
  • Facilitates communication amongst the company’s employees