Best Human Resource Management Software

The greatest approach to preparing your employees for future challenges is to train them today. Such training will enable your organization to scale more quickly and save money. Training new staff and upskilling existing employees is an excellent investment. The problem, though, is to deliver systematic training to your personnel. However, organizations in the UAE, such as yours, use Artify 360, the best HR management software in the UAE.

A user-friendly interface is essential for training software because it promotes good learning experiences. Artify 360, the cloud HRMS software in UAE, offers a simple user interface that allows your staff to search for and find training classes. It also helps by providing training from outside experts who can provide rigorous instruction to your personnel. Artify 360, the office management software in the UAE, includes an evaluation system that allows you to measure your employees’ learning progress. Training budget tracking allows

your firm to analyze training expenditures, which helps streamline training budgets for each employee.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced reports and analytics on training
  • Effective configurability
  • Integration of crucial HR modules
  • Legal compliance
  • Flexible as per business needs
  • Insightful reports
  • Add external trainer
  • Supports multiple training types


  • Training sessions can be readily scheduled
  • Your trainers’ contact information can be recorded
  • You can keep track of all your training in one location
  • Training data can be easily added or edited
  • Automated and efficient processes for staff training are supported
  • A user-friendly interface for learning
  • A training management system that can be used online
  • Accurate information on the growth of employees
  • Assistance in decision-making for employees
  • Learning management software that can be customized
  • You may change the look of the game depending on your preferences
  • Integration with other critical HR components is seamless
  • Improves the ability to adapt one’s learning style