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Find and Recruit the best people for your company with less effort and expense.

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Recruitment Software In UAE

Advance Your Recruitment Process with Artify 360 Recruitment Management Software

Hire employees more quickly without doing tiresome tasks daily.

Your company’s routine hiring process is ineffective because it takes too long. With Artify 360, the best hiring software in UAE recruitment process can be streamlined, allowing your company to save time and money while establishing an engaged workforce.

Artify 360, the most practical recruitment management software in UAE, supports you at every juncture of the hiring process. It makes the hiring process exciting for hiring managers and aspirants, establishing a positive rapport with your candidate.

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Recruit the Skilled People Your Company Requires

Finding the ideal people for the company’s needs is essential. Unless you and the candidate share the same values and objectives, your recruiting process will underperform.

Before commencing the recruitment process, Artify 360, the applicant management system assesses your company’s exact needs. Using our specialized job board, you can promote job vacancies on your website or any social media platform. The job board can be personalized with its dedicated CMS page to provide versatility.

With Artify 360, you can define your organization’s exact requirements and develop an appealing job description that emphasizes your candidates’ essential traits and qualifications.

You can appoint seasoned recruiters to identify the most qualified candidate. To avoid recruiting discrimination, you can further ensure the equality of your recruitment.

Artify 360 has a job board that lets you post job openings on your website or social media accounts.

With such an organized recruitment procedure, you can evaluate and quantify the performance of your hiring strategies.

Track your applicants throughout the various stages of the hiring procedure. Artify 360, the best hiring software in UAE makes it easy to collect and evaluate applicant information.

Artify 360 is a cloud-based HR management software in UAEwith applicant management system that removes the documentation associated with conventional hiring practices.

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Recruitment Management Software In UAE

Your Hiring Process Will Be More Productive after Using Artify 360

Your recruiting process is computerized and structured using Artify 360, which requires less time, effort, and expense.

  • Generate job descriptions
  • Post jobs
  • Obtain application
  • Evaluating candidates
  • Schedule and monitor applicants

Once Artify 360 optimizes your recruiting process, it fosters transparency and positive interaction with candidates.

  • Assign, modify, and swap recruiters
  • State your specific needs
  • One-click resume download 
  • One-click cover letter download 
  • A dashboard for monitoring hiring

With the recruitment management software Artify 360’s appealing and distinctive job board, your job postings will attract qualified individuals.

  • State your requirement & criteria
  • Launch the job board
  • Create, modify, and publish job listings
  • Modify your job board
  • Edit jobs using the in-built CMS.
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Follow the Right Way of Hiring with the Best Hiring Software in UAE

On the employment market, candidates favor organizations that utilize current technology in their daily operations. Artify 360 is the best hiring software in UAE for small and medium-sized firms to update and enhance HR processes.

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Artify 360 Reduces HR Team Workload and Increases Productivity

Artify 360’s streamlined and automated hiring process enables your business to acquire the most qualified applicants quickly. You need not spend many hours on the hiring process. In addition, you can use the time you’ve saved to focus on activities that make a significant impact, such as making critical decisions.

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