Best Human Resource Management Software

A human resources manager is essential to any business because they are in charge of its employees’ most crucial resource. No company will ever achieve success unless its employees work hard. For the same reason, many software is being developed and marketed as the best HR software in UAE. However, before selecting an HRMS software in UAE for your business, you should understand the essential functions of HR and how hr software can simplify the same.

The HR manager’s critical role is to analyze the requirements of a role in the company, attract candidates who are the best fit for the roles through multiple channels, carefully screen and shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, and incorporate new employees into the organization. The best HCM software in UAE will simplify these, just as Artify 360, the best HR software in UAE, does.

With Artify 360, the best HRMS software in UAE, you can add specific recruiters for a role and create jobs based on your company’s needs. You can advertise the job on social media or through a dedicated job board, where candidates can apply. Artify 360, the cloud HRMS software in UAE, also allows you to collect all applications from candidates, review and select them, and then schedule interviews with them. Once selected, Artify 360 will begin its onboarding process.


  • Requirement analysis
  • Job role creation
  • Assigning a recruiter
  • Creation of a job board
  • Publishing the vacancies on social media
  • Application collection
  • Reviewing applications
  • Shortlisting the candidates
  • Interview scheduling
  • Initiate onboarding process


  • Set the interview status for candidates
  • Quick brief lists of qualified applicants
  • Coordinated interview schedules and follow-ups
  • A dedicated dashboard for monitoring your recruiting progress
  • To guarantee equitable hiring, give your recruiters unique passwords
  • Understand the current state of interviews
  • A powerful CMS for editing and posting jobs on your job board
  • Manage and personalize the job board’s pages
  • HRMS software automates the whole recruiting process
  • People with appropriate subject knowledge will be identified using the HR system
  • There is no need to monitor every email and app
  • Allows you to see and handle resumes without wasting time
  • Using Human Resource software, we can hire more quickly
  • The HRMS portal attracts excellent applicants and reduces attrition