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Best Attendance Management Software in UAE

Record attendance, Manage leaves, track absences and do much more with one software.

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Employee Attendance System In UAE

Online Attendance Management Software Your Team Adore

Track the attendance, leaves, and absence of your employees in an easy way

Attendance management software in UAE is a standard procedure in every firm. It is crucial to the business because it determines employee pay and monitors labor rules compliance.

Typical employee attendance software monitors check-in, check-out, and break times. This solution removes any errors and automates the process flawlessly. Another crucial benefit of the best attendance management software in UAE is the ability to monitor your employees’ overtime.

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An Attendance Management Software That Works

The online attendance management software aids in determining an employee’s commitment to your organization. Some employees show up late and depart early. This information is helpful while making employment decisions.

Artify 360 is an all-inclusive UAE-based attendance and leave management software developed to manage and improve HR activities. Artify 360 is a highly secure, limitless-capabilities cloud-based application.

Artify 360 supports flawless biometric attendance by integrating all leading biometric solution providers.

To foster a remote work culture, your employees can easily update their attendance from anywhere. Your team can manage employee attendance remotely.

Artify 360 online attendance management software allows multiple punching in a day for your employees to track the break time in your organization.

You can track the real-time attendance of your employees easily with Artify 360, which helps you gain employee insights.

Recognize the attendance pattern of your employees in the company to understand their behavior and commitment to the company.

The attendance tracking software, Artify 360 is integrated with your company’s payroll system for the precise calculation of salaries based on attendance.

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Online Attendance Management System In UAE
Attendance Tracking Software In UAE

The All-In-One Attendance and Leave Management System for Businesses in the UAE

Artify 360, the best attendance management software in UAE is not a one size fits all approach. Instead, we analyze the exact requirements of your business and customize the software to match your needs.

  • Record attendance
  • Track attendance
  • Request/approve leaves
  • Track leaves and absence
  • Eliminates human errors

Artify 360 is the simple, easy-to-use, and effective attendance tracking software ever made for your business.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Cloud-based software
  • Accurate login time
  • Eliminates errors & buddy punching
  • Generates attendance reports

The leave management system of Artify 360 HR software in UAE allows you to track the leaves and absences of your employees. It also manages all types of leaves in your organization, including Hajj leave, marriage leave, annual leaves, etc.

  • View employee leave status
  • Multi-level approval
  • Seamless leave salary processing
  • Auto updates leave balance
  • Generates leave reports
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With Artify 360, You Will Save 50+ Hours in a Month in Attendance and Leave Management

With the advanced features of Artify 360, your HR team can easily manage your employees’ leave and attendance. Artify 360 saves the time and effort wasted by manual processes.

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Employee Attendance Software In UAE
Attendance Management System In UAE

Manage Annual Leaves of Your Employees

Effortlessly manage the annual leaves of your employees with Artify 360, the best attendance management software. Precisely calculates the annual leave salaries of your employees and integrates with Air ticket management in your company. Artify 360 also ensures your company’s legal compliance regarding annual leaves.

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