Hiring Process

Without asset management software, your company’s ROI will be impacted, inventory mismanagement can occur, and several other significant implications such as data loss or security breaches. So manage all of your company’s assets by Artify 360, the HRMS software in UAE. Artify 360’s significant asset management capabilities include the following:

It takes time and effort to keep track of an organization’s assets. Human mistake is a real possibility while doing such routine operations, which is why software that automates them is so valuable. Your company’s asset management procedures will be more organized and error-free with Artify 360, the best human resource software in UAE. An HRMS system in UAE, such as Artify 360, must include the following features for effective asset management:


  • Robust asset management platform
  • Easy to plan asset maintenance
  • Manages the whole lifespan of an asset
  • Precise, clear, and in-depth reporting
  • An intuitive UI
  • Artify mobile application
  • Add, view, and monitor resources from one place
  • Suits small businesses, startups, and large enterprises


  • Easy access to hardware
  • Track and report the hardware and software
  • Your assets’ details can be retrieved with ease
  • Your asset connections can be sorted out
  • Establish connections between your teams and resources
  • Checks compliance and expiration of software licenses
  • Software asset security is guaranteed by this method
  • Enhances your ability to control your IT spending
  • Improving IT asset procurement and contracting efficiency
  • Manages the complete lifetime of software purchases
  • Asset kinds and classifications may be easily classified
  • With a simple click, you can find out the current status of any asset
  • Allows small enterprises to grow and change with the times