Best Human Resource Management Software

Your staff will attend several team meetings, client meetings, and other significant events as your business multiplies. It might cause major difficulties and confusion if you don’t have a good system to keep track of all these occasions and dates. You run the danger of forgetting crucial dates and gatherings as a consequence. Use the top HR system software in UAE to prevent these problems.

The top HR department software in UAE, Artyify 360, has a calendar management system for keeping track of crucial events and meetings. The group scheduling system can help your team work more productively. You can simplify your complete calendar management with Artify 360, the cloud HRMS software in UAE, and avoid missed and postponed meetings.


  • Choice of dragging
  • Easily navigable interface
  • View the events linked with the blocked dates
  • Simple search result filtering
  • Efficient and automated integration
  • Comprehensive goal-tracking system
  • Reports that are specific and comprehensive


  • Simple access to scheduled events and dates
  • With one click, quickly access all information related to a date
  • Drag and drop option to schedule meetings and activities
  • Simple scheduling of meetings, training sessions, projects, and future birthdays
  • Your staff members might be given responsibilities and a timetable to follow
  • Use filters to access the information rapidly
  • Faster data sync via integration with other HR components
  • Analyze your dates and appointments with ease
  • Allows the creation and scheduling of events manually and automatically
  • Tracking and managing your company’s objectives is simple
  • Integrated for accurate calculations with leave management
  • Simplifies calendar administration to prevent conflicting events