Core HR

Successful businesses follow a set of tried-and-true strategies. It helps them optimize their everyday HR processes to operate at their peak. Artify 360, the best HRMS software in UAE, has a core HR module that can serve as a framework for your business.

Many organizations in UAE use the core HR module of Artify 360, the HCM software in UAE since it lets them keep track of employee information, skills, pay advancements, assets issued, and crucial paperwork like visas, work permits, and passports.

UAE’s rules are considered while developing Artify 360, the top human resources software in UAE. Whatever your size or industry, Artify 360’s HRMS software in UAE is a wise investment for both small and big companies.


  • An employee database
  • Search and filter options
  • Employee transfer functionalities
  • Manages employee promotions
  • Manages warnings and terminations given to employees
  • Employee travel management
  • Establish grades for employees
  • Flawless integration of all HR components


  • Dedicated dashboard for keeping tabs on your whole workforce
  • A complete and accurate listing of all employees
  • Sort the directory of employees by department, title, and so forth
  • Management of former and present employees’ data separately
  • Streamline the promotion and transmission of information for your staff
  • Keep a record of the awards given to each worker
  • Keep track of warnings and dismissals in your company
  • In charge of arranging and scheduling your workers’ travel expenditures
  • Your time is saved by using Artify 360 for repetitive chores
  • It safeguards the confidential information of your staff