Must-Have Human Resource System Features in UAE

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 94 percent of all firms in the UAE, contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth and diversity.

The growth of small and medium businesses makes a country and its population prosper. But for a small and medium business to grow, it needs some resources. And the essential resource of a business is its human resources. If your business can properly manage human resources, you can scale and grow your business to new heights.

But managing your company’s workforce is not as easy as saying, and it requires a strategy. You can handle your human resources independently as a small business with less than 5 employees. Once the number goes up, you will need an HR manager who can streamline the entire HR process. But if you need to scale your business as it has the potential to grow faster, you need an automated system that manages your workforce more effectively.

Yes, we are talking about HR management software in UAE, which is increasingly popular nowadays after people realize its potential. But before jumping into buying HR software in UAE, you should be aware of the crucial features of HR software and decide what your company would need.

Here are the 6 crucial features of efficient human resource software in the UAE. Let’s dig deeper into each and analyze how Artify an hr software will be the perfect choice for your business.

Hiring Management:

Recruitment is the primary task of an HR manager as it is all about finding the right people for a business. A business is the reflection of its employees, so choosing suitable candidates is the most crucial job for the HR manager. But the recruitment process involves posting job vacancies, attracting applicants, screening the applications, scheduling interviews, and finally initiating the onboarding process. These mundane and repetitive tasks would drain your HR department mentally.

But when you use the best HRMS software in UAE, these tasks will be automated as you wish. So it will save the time and the resources spent on this recruitment process. With this saved time, your company can increase hiring efficiency, or you can focus on the other core activities.

Artify360 is the HR software in UAE you could rely on for recruitment. With Artify 360, you can assign specified recruiters for each opening, and it facilitates a dedicated job board through which you can publish the openings on social media. It helps you save time with quick access to candidate information and shortlist creation. Also, you can view and manage your entire hiring process in a dedicated and intuitive dashboard.

Onboarding Management

When you select a candidate you feel will be the right fit for your company, you should move on to the next stage, the onboarding process. The onboarding process is as crucial as the recruitment process because if your employee doesn’t feel comfortable with your organization for the first few days or weeks, they will leave. So you have to undergo the recruitment process again.

But on the other hand, you can streamline your onboarding process, which helps your new hires to calm their nerves, understand their job requirements, understand the team culture and start building a good relationship with the company. The HRMS software in UAE such as Artify 360 appropriately manages your onboarding process by storing all the necessary employee information and assigning the employee’s roles, shifts, salary date, etc., for the employee. This provides a clear understanding of the company’s requirements and what an employee will do in the company.

Payroll Management

What if we say payroll management is the backbone of your business? Would you agree? If you have trouble agreeing with us, just imagine what happens if you tell your employees that their monthly payroll will be reduced to half from next month due to technical issues. Can you imagine the reaction?

Your workforce depends on your payroll for their living, so you should use an efficient system to manage your payroll. An efficient payroll management system in UAE will collect proper data for calculation, make the calculation precisely, and finally generate reports on the same.

Artify 360 manages the payroll for many companies in the UAE and helps them avoid payroll miscalculations and delayed payments. Artify 360, the HCM software in UAE integrates crucial HR components to increase data accuracy. Further, you can generate your bank format for faster salary disbursements, and your employees can view their payslips easily.

Training Management

Technologies are advancing every day, and innovations are booming every day. These innovations can be vital for your company in many ways, such as new tools or software that can increase your company’s growth or even an update of the existing one. So to use these in a helpful way for your company, you should upgrade yourself.

To upgrade your staff to be more productive and efficient, your company should implement employee training. But without a proper system providing training will be more complicated. However, to simplify employee training, you can use Artify 360, which streamlines the training of your employees.

With Artify 360 the employee management software in UAE, you can track the training progress of your employees and can even set assessments to understand the efficiency of the training program. You can assign your senior staff as trainers or can even assign an expert from outside of your organization. Also, you can set training budgets and track them effectively to know how much you spent on training a particular employee.

Attendance and Leave Management

Your company’s attendance and leave management system is closely related to your payroll management. The salary calculation will be dependent on the attendance of your employees and the leaves or absences of the employees. So your company should have an efficient system to manage attendance and leaves.

Regarding efficiency, spreadsheets or poor software will never be sufficient because they are highly prone to errors and data redundancy which can induce salary miscalculations.

Meanwhile, top companies in UAE use Artify 360 for its seamless attendance and leave management capabilities. Artify360 supports integrating all significant biometric systems so you can implement them quickly. It supports all types of leaves in your company and increases the accuracy of your salary calculations. If you need an attendance system that is precise and provides reliable salary calculations, then you should invest in Artify 360 as it is the all-in-one HRMS software in UAE.

Asset Management

Your company will have both hardware and software assets that are valuable and essential to running your business. However, managing these assets requires planning, time, and effort. Lack of proper asset management can lead to mismanagement and wastage of resources. To manage the assets in your company, you need office management software in UAE like Artify 360.

Artify 360 allows your company to track hardware or software assets. You can set the expiry dates for the documents to ensure your legal compliance. Artify 360 is the best HRMS software in UAE which manages your assets through its whole life cycle, starting from the procurement stage and ending in the disposal stage. So your company can effectively manage the resources, which helps your company to grow.

File Management:

There will be a lot of files in your company which could be mainly the files about your previous and current employees and also could include your company’s legal documents. If you manage these files physically, it’s time to upgrade to the best possible file management system.

Without a proper file management system, your company faces the danger of file wastage, and you need huge storage space and some employees to manage them. At the same time, Artify 360, the HRMS software in UAE, will allow you to manage your files in an organized way so you can retrieve them easily whenever you need them. You can also get more accurate file reports for the company. Also, you can set expiry dates for files to get notified when the expiration date is nearby.

Air Ticket Management

Proper travel or air ticket management improves employee satisfaction and saves your company costs. Currently, most HR software in UAE is built with employee travel management because of the massive demand from small and medium businesses. The major problem in air ticket management is improper travel planning, delayed reimbursements, and misuse of tickets by employees.

To solve these issues or to avoid these issues, you can use Artify 360, the best HRMS software in the UAE.

Artify 360 supports all types of employee travel and lets your employees request tickets quickly. The single-click ticket approval and rejection process saves more time for your HR team. The software syncs easily with the payroll and leaves management modules for precise and faster calculations. Your employees can quickly request the encashment for unused tickets, which you can approve and encash.

Appraisal Management

The appraisal management system can be correlated with the performance management system, which assesses employee performance and rewards accordingly. Your employees will be looking for the appraisal at the right time because they deserve them. So appraisal is not something your company provides based on gut feeling, but proper data should back the decision.

Being the all-in-one HRMS software in UAE, Artify360 provides such in-depth data for your business by providing in-depth data regarding your employees. You can track your employee performance by setting specific goals and parameters. So if the goal was met, you could provide an appraisal to the employee who will increase their commitment to the company.

Offboarding management:

When your employee has to leave your company, you would be required to undergo the recruitment process every time, which is expensive and time-consuming. Even Though it is an undesired event, you can still turn it into something beneficial for your company in the future. For that, you should implement Artify 360 for your off-boarding process.

Artify360, the leave management software in UAE streamlines and conducts exit interviews for employees, which helps you understand why a person leaves your company. You can quickly identify a common reason and make necessary changes if there is a common reason. And Artify 360 enables you to settle the final settlement of your employees and look after other formalities.

Such a detailed and efficient offboarding process helps to maintain the relationship with your leaving employees further. These relationships will help your company grow its reputation as an excellent place to work and also help build a talent pool for the future.

Calendar Management

Your company will need to conduct many meetings, from strategy meetings to board meetings. When the team grows, these meetings will obviously grow and need proper scheduling. If you do not have a proper system to manage these meetings, your employees will forget the meetings, resulting in wasted time.

Meeting your client at the proper time is crucial for their trust in your company. So you cannot afford to miss the client meetings or lose the client. So you need a proper calendar management system that will help you manage the crucial dates and events so that you will not miss any schedules.

Artify360 is the top HR management software in UAE and has one of the best calendar management systems, with draggable options to create and schedule events. You can create events automatically or manually for better convenience and will be reminded when the events are near.
Such a streamlined calendar management system will also help you avoid date clashes.

HR Reports

A sound HRMS system will generate reports because only with proper reporting can you learn what has worked for your company and what hasn’t worked for your organization. So you can multiply the things that are working and fix the things which haven’t come off well.

Artify 360, the best HRMS software in UAE is preferred by businesses in UAE for its precise report generation capabilities. The seamless integration of significant HR modules makes it easier for Artify 360 to generate HR reports. These reports help you understand the gaps, trends, and patterns in your company or among your employees.

The Final Word

With these precise reports, you can make better decisions for your company, contributing to its growth. A decision backed by proper data is the key to success, and with Artify 360, you can better manage your employees. You can generate reports on all the crucial aspects of your business.

These are the crucial features of Artify 360 which help small and medium businesses to grow their business. Managing your workforce with such software will enable you to focus more on your business. Artify 360 is the best and most reliable hr software in UAE, which is used by businesses across many countries.