Every business is made of employees, and only the size of employees may differ. Some businesses may have less than 10 employees, while large enterprises have more than 10,000 employees. Irrespective of the size, you need to manage the attendance of your employees. Your employees’ attendance is crucial to determining their wages and ensuring they work properly.

Usually, companies use manual attendance systems to record the attendance of their employees. They use spreadsheets and registers to enter the timings for their employees. When processing salaries, they enter these data again into their payroll calculation systems and calculate the salary.

Let’s discuss the different manual attendance management systems used by companies.

Attendance Registers

The attendance registers are paper-based documents in which you can write the attendance details of your employees. You can note down the login and log-out times of your employees. You probably need a human resource to maintain the attendance register.

The downside of such an attendance register is that there are chances that employee attendance may get lost easily.

Biometric Systems

With the biometric systems, your employees must punch when they enter work and leave. The system will recognize the employee, and their time will be noted automatically. The biometric systems will help your company prevent buddy punching among your employees.

However, the cost to install and maintain the biometric systems is on the higher side. Also, it demands to punch every time your employees step out of the door to attend to a phone call and receive a courier. This could frustrate your employee, and if the system stops working, you will be left clueless.


This is a commonly used method of calculating employee salaries in a company. You have to enter the attendance data of your employees in the right columns and enter the formulas. These formulas will calculate the salaries for you.

However, if your business has a complex salary structure, it will become hard to calculate with spreadsheets. Also, a single error in the spreadsheet will result in severe inaccuracies and differences in the employee’s salary.

The manual attendance management systems and tools will work if your business has less than 20 employees. However, you should invest in advanced attendance software when your company grows.

What is Attendance Management Software?

Attendance management software is advanced software built to manage employee attendance in your company. You can easily record the attendance, calculate them and initiate the salary calculations.

You can integrate the attendance management software with your payroll system for precise salary calculation. Further, the attendance management software in Saudi Arabia brings a plethora of benefits for your business once you implement

Here are some of the benefits of an attendance management system

Increased Accuracy

Your attendance data should be accurate, or it will cause several complications in your company. The manual attendance systems and tools are prone to human errors that can impact your payroll calculations also.

However, the attendance management software in Saudi Arabia helps you avoid such errors by providing an accurate attendance recording system. You can even integrate your biometric systems with the software.

Artify 360, Attendance management software in Saudi Arabia, supports the integration of all leading biometric systems in the middle east.


If your employees missed marking their attendance or any overtime calculation needed, you need attendance software to handle this. In such cases, manual attendance systems will be a total mess, while attendance management software in Saudi Arabia will calculate these effortlessly.

Data Security and Privacy

When you use manual systems to manage your attendance, you may lose the data after a particular time. You may lose data due to negligence or any other unexpected events. Also, there are chances of prejudices in manual attendance systems.

However, proper attendance management software in Saudi Arabia ensures your employees’ data security and privacy. You can easily access the attendance history of your employees and preserve them for future use. With such an automated system, there will be no room for negligence and prejudice.

Attendance Reports

You can generate attendance reports for your employees with the attendance management software in Saudi Arabia. These detailed reports will help you determine whether the employees are adhering to the timing of your company and can determine their commitment to the work. These data are crucial when you determine appraisals and promotions for an employee.

Artify 360 – The Best Attendance Management Software

It is the best attendance management software in Saudi Arabia for your business. With Artify 360, you can capture employee attendance precisely and process them efficiently. Artify 360 integrates with the payroll system for accurate salary calculation based on employee attendance.

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