As an HR manager, you are aware of the activities that may not seem as crucial as payroll management but will impact your business in the long term. Attendance management in UAE in an organization may seem like a routine and tedious task. Still, it is essential for the long-term growth of your business.

However, manually managing employee attendance is challenging as it includes recording attendance, processing the attendance, and integrating it with the payroll system. To effectively manage attendance in your company, you should implement an automated system.

Multiple attendance management systems in UAE are available in the market, so it may seem complicated to select the best one for your business. This article will guide you in choosing the proper attendance software for your business.

You should consider the following essential factors while choosing attendance management software.


Choose the attendance software that your business can afford. The software with only attendance tracking abilities will cost low. In contrast, HRMS software with an attendance management system and other necessary HR functions will cost more.


The software you choose should be able to be customized based on the size of your business and employees. Scalability ensures the software supports you even after your company becomes a large enterprise.

Accurate time tracking

Accurate time tracking is essential for your attendance management system, so you should not compromise. Ensure the accuracy of the software during its trial period.

Easy to use

No matter how feature-rich the software is, it won’t help your business if it is hard to use for your HR team. So you should provide more emphasis on the ease of the software.

Seamless integration

Integrations of attendance management software with other necessary HR modules such as payroll, appraisal, and performance management are crucial. It facilitates the data flow of your business and enhances your decision-making abilities.

With proper integrations, you can use the software’s automated abilities. Also, the attendance data will be more accurate and error-free. Your employees’ attendance data is essential for your company’s payroll calculation. You can measure the commitment and track the performance of your employees with the help of attendance records.

Cloud-based software

The attendance management software could be cloud-based or can be hosted in-house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages on their own. The cloud-based software does not require storage space; to host the software in-house, you need a dedicated IT team and storage space on your server.

Suppose you can afford a dedicated IT team. In that case, the in-house software is more affordable, and you can be peaceful about your data security. However, if you need a more versatile solution, then cloud software could benefit your business. You don’t need a dedicated IT team; all you need to do is pay the price for maintenance and hosting.

Legal compliance

Messing up with the rules and regulations of the country your business operates in is a recipe for disaster. So make sure the attendance management software you choose is legally compliant. Attendance management should comply with the labor laws in your country. Skip this step, and you will be paying severe penalties and may face lawsuits.

Attendance reports

Attendance reports are crucial for the HR team to make informed decisions. Your attendance software should be able to generate reports on employee attendance. It should produce reports that show the attendance pattern in your organization. Such detailed attendance patterns help you figure out the trends in your business. These trends will further amplify the decision-making process of your organization.

Information backed with valid data will help your business in the future as well as daily operations. Attendance reports assist your business in employee appraisal and recruitment decisions. So you should prefer an attendance management system that generates attendance reports.

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