Maternity Leave Procedure in Bahrain

A female employee residing in Bahrain who submits a medical certificate attested by a government health center or one of the clinics approved by the employer stating the expected date of her pregnancy is entitled to full-pay maternity leave in Bahrain for 60 days, which includes the period before and after the childbirth.

The employee’s pay and benefits rules of Bahrain will not be affected while on maternity leave. In addition, a female employee has unpaid leave for up to six months each year & three times during her employment to care for her kid under the age of six.

After her maternity leave and until her child is six months old, a female employee is entitled to two one-hour sessions to breastfeed her child. She is also entitled to two 30-minute intervals of care until her child becomes one year old.

A female employee can combine these two periods, and this will be counted as part of her working hours without affecting her pay.

An employer must determine the length of the period of care mentioned above based on the needs of the female employee and the business’s interests.

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