Bahrain HR SoftwareArtify HCM is an HR software that manages all aspects of human resources in a company. It organizes and streamlines both small and large enterprises’ end-to-end HR operations.

Employee expectations are changing, making managing the fast-paced modern workforce tough. The emergence of millennial workers in modern workforces, who expect faster responses and an employee-first environment, emphasizes the necessity of an advanced HCM.

What precisely is Artify HCM?

Artify HCM or Human Capital Management Software is human resource software that properly combines all of the numerous HR procedures and systems to give easy management and smooth operation of data, human resources, and diverse company operations.

Artify HCM is  critical in various essential parts of a company, including.’

Employee Data Management:

HCM software takes the role of traditional paperwork in a business. HR professionals can utilize Artify HCM to store all employee information in the organization, which they can view and access. This saves time and money that would otherwise be spent collecting and maintaining paper records.

Artify HCM automates repetitive and time-consuming procedures for improved outcomes. It contributes to reducing errors in employee documents and thus increases employee trust.

Payroll Management

Payroll administration is an integral part of every organization since it allows the firm to meet its promise of paying employees on time.

Payroll administration involves more than just calculating and distributing paychecks to employees. Instead, it provides significant benefits such as leave encashment, tax deduction, etc. Artify HCM can efficiently automate and simplify all of these procedures, increasing productivity and reducing human error.

Payroll administration is an essential component of every business, thus, integrating HRM software is a wise investment.

Recruitment Management:

Employees are the backbone of every business since the company’s success is directly dependent on them. The recruiting process should be structured to create a positive and efficient workforce. However, as an HR manager or business owner, organizing your hiring process may be tricky.

HR software is required to streamline the entire employment process and make it more efficient and productive. Artify HCM automates and streamlines critical hiring processes such as job posting, profile screening, interview scheduling, and candidate selection.

With such an automated and reliable approach, you can attract employees more quickly and even establish a talent pool for future usage.

Employee Benefits Management

Offering perks in addition to salary can boost employee satisfaction and prevent attrition. Paid sick leave, privilege leaves, employee health courses, and travel packages are some of the employee benefits. 

Employee benefits are generally determined by the company and differ from one another. However, some benefits are provided following government regulations, typically consistent.

Managing all of these perks for each employee may be complicated and time-consuming. An inaccuracy might also result in the employee’s benefits being denied, leading to more issues.

Artify HCM is connected with employee benefits administration and manages employee bonuses, arrears, insurance reimbursements, overtime, and other responsibilities.

Thus it enables your firm to retain transparency in calculating and allocating employee benefits, increasing your trust.

Attendance and Time Management 

Attendance and time management are closely tied to an employee’s genuineness and enthusiasm for their job. Attendance and time management are also crucial for payroll management. To manage this, an efficient and error-free system is required.

To remedy this, Artify HCM has an effective Attendance Tracking System that correctly records attendance. Artify HCM accepts a variety of inputs, including excel spreadsheets and biometric authentications.

HR managers may access the leave database and make leave approvals or denials based on it with such a comprehensive system. The employee may also see the reasons for accepting or denying the leave, which increases the organization’s transparency.

Artify HCM

Employee Performance Management:

As already mentioned, individuals and their performance play a significant role in the company’s success. Companies often provide feedback to their employees once a year at appraisal, which is both outdated and ineffective.

On the other hand, your organization can define and assess key performance metrics for your staff using Artify HCM. The best aspect is that you can submit feedback immediately. This allows employees to improve their performance while also allowing the employer to determine whether the person requires extra training.

Employee input regularly will result in enhanced efficiency and productivity from your staff.

Boosts Your Company’s Growth:

Artify HCM consistently handles the organization’s tiresome processes and limits the possibility of human errors. Employee happiness and productivity will improve as a result of such efficiency. Therefore, investing in Artify HCM software adds to the organization’s growth and improves resource use.

Enhances Employee Self-service:

Employee self-service is a crucial feature of Artify HCM since it allows faster responses to frequent employee inquiries. Typically, these inquiries need the interpretation of HR experts, which takes a long time and is challenging in larger firms.

Employees may access their salary details, leave availability, and essential management notifications using Artify HCM without interrupting the HR personnel. They may also download their payslips and TDS calculations without the assistance of others. This enhances the company’s transparency and increases employee satisfaction.

Final Words:

It is evident that an HRMS provides tremendous benefits to management and their staff. It streamlines the company’s critical backend operations and increases productivity without wasting resources. Thus, HRMS software is essential for modern firms, and the good news is that there are numerous HR management solutions on the market.

However, selecting the right one is critical to the success of your business. Artify HCM is a robust HR management tool designed primarily for expanding enterprises in the Middle East. Artify HCM is used by over 50 leading firms in the Middle East due to its simplicity and efficiency.

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