With the convenience of cloud-based Human resource software, organizations of any size in Bahrain can now automate their HR tasks. Gone are those days when you used to manage your HR management and payroll calculations with excel files and calculators.

Wondering if your company needs HR Software?
You cannot grow your company without managing your team efficiently and making the maximum out of them. An HR Software custom made for companies in Bahrain will be your best companion. Following are some of the reasons why your company in Bahrain need an HR software.

Flexible & Customizable:
Every company in Bahrain is structured differently, from how they divide their salaries to the policies they follow. With a customizable HR software you can upload company policies, customize shifts, manage leaves, annual leaves, ticket policies, GOSI, and other payroll variables as per your company policy or management decisions. 

Improve efficiency & save time of your HR team
An efficient HR software can save a lot of time for your HR team. Easily post your job openings, receive, sort and shortlist resumes without flooding your inbox. The right HR software can calculate leaves, statutory and other deductions and a lot of other tasks on its own without intervention from your HR team. 

This will not only give accurate error free output but will also let you use your HR team on more productive tasks which may improve the overall efficiency of the team, which will positively impact your business.

Upgrade employee experience
Nowadays everyone does everything from social interaction to banking to ordering food online from the convenience of their mobile device. An HR software with Employee self service module will help you stand on top of this technology advancement.

With sophisticated Employee Self Service (ESS) module web and mobile applications, your employees can now view their employment data, apply for leaves, interact with HR, view attendance and more from their Employee self service dashboard or mobile app. 

Improved decision making with Reports & Data Analytics
Today Data & Data Analysis is your secret key to success. An HR software with Data Analytics and Dashboards provides you with HR data, with which you can make sound decisions that impact your company’s culture and performance. 

Companies are often swamped by a mass of general data that is not of any use in helping them make decisions. HR softwares provides you with unique data of your own organization and provides insights. This will help you in taking a number of decisions and will also keep record of the impact for future analysis and review.

Holidays & Annual leaves
HR Software with Holidays and Leave modules will help you manage holidays and Annual leaves as per Bahrain rules and calculations. The right HR software for Bahrain which will let you manage your team’s annual leaves, leave tickets, leave salary reimbursements etc at ease. 

All of the above can be customized as per your company policy and can vary from employee to employee or as per designations. 

Manage Attendance & Overtime
Irrespective of whether you use or wish to use manual upload of attendance or integrated biometric devices for realtime update & data. An HR software with attendance module can record and keep track of your team’s attendance. Depending upon your shift, weekend and holiday calendar the HR software will automatically calculate overtime earning for your payroll calculation. 

Error free payroll
Calculating payroll with all statutory calculations and deductions without a proper tool is a nightmare to most HR teams. A Bahrain HR software with payroll module will be the best companion to ease this process. 

Considering all of the above points and more, Artify HCM is the right choice for any company in the Kingdom of Bahrain to manage its human resource efficiently and increase productivity.