How Artify HCM Assists Companies Manage Overtime Efficiently

Overtime is a term often used in workplaces, industries, and organizations. Overtime occurs when an employee works more than the standard working hours of the day and it should be compensated at a higher rate than typical working hours.

Overtime offers additional pay benefits to employees of your company. While it also adds value to your organization by accelerating delayed or slow work, covering for an absent employee, and attracting staff looking for extra money. However, many businesses err in their overtime management, resulting in significant payroll losses. Such unanticipated costs can interrupt the overall flow of a growing business. However, manually keeping track of employee overtime is a tedious and inefficient task.

Managing overtime manually increases the likelihood of errors resulting in bad workforce management. For example, suppose you do not adequately track overtime and some workers consistently work overtime for extra income. In that case, they may not get enough sleep, thus impacting their health and productivity.

As a result, the requirement for a proper and organized method to handle overtime in your company is obvious. Since most businesses require such a system, there are numerous overtime management systems available. Even though Artify HCM stands out among them and is selected by the greatest companies in the UAE and the Middle East.

Artify HCM – The Perfect Tool for Managing Overtime in Your Company

Artify 360 is a powerful solution that streamlines and simplifies an organization’s entire operations for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and growth. Artify HCM is a system meant to manage and simplify a company’s HR activities. It is built with effective management capabilities that assist your organization. How Artify HCM Benefits in Overtime Management?

  • A Clear Idea of Overtime in Your Organization

For effective overtime management, you should be aware of your organization’s proceedings. You can examine employee details, shift timings, and overtime details in Artify 360. This allows you to study the cause of overtime in your company.

It could be heavy workloads during regular working hours, an individual striving to complete a task on time, additional emergency work allocated by the organization, or maybe deadlines are nearing. These are the most prevalent reasons for a company’s overtime. However, the employee may try to earn extra by delaying or pretending to work in some instances.

Artify 360 is connected with staff management and performance management to help you avoid such scenarios. So you can determine whether or not overtime is required for your employees.

  • Know Your Employees

Knowing your employees is essential for effective overtime management in a business. Artify 360 provides you with a clear picture of each employee’s performance, allowing you to allocate activities that are more appropriate for them. Assigning complex work to an employee who completes tasks quickly may save a few hours. Each reduced hour saves resources effectively that could otherwise be spent.

Artify 360 is easily integrated and compatible with the world’s major biometric systems. This gives precise check-in and check-out information for an employee and aids in calculating clock rounding, which primarily benefits the employees.

Artify 360 integrates payroll management, employee benefits management, and attendance management to precisely calculate employee salaries and other benefits.

  • Efficient Scheduling

Employee time management can save your company’s resources over time. Using Artify 360 to schedule the appropriate number of employees in a particular shift or for a specific task can help accomplish the task on time and avoid overtime. With such precise scheduling, you can plan for backups in an unexpected absence among people.

  • Effectively Communicate Overtime Policies to Employees

Every country has its overtime law, on which a company bases its overtime policy. Your employees should be informed of the overtime rules and your company’s overtime policy. This helps avoid misunderstandings or confusion regarding the same.

Artify 360 centralizes such vital documents and makes them available to all employees for viewing. You can even update your latest policies easily in Artify 360.

  • Train Your Employees to Be More Productive

A more experienced salesperson needs less time to close a sale than a fresh salesperson. Yes, professionals with expertise and experience need less time to complete a task than new employees. Thus, providing training to your employees will assist them in learning the nuances and becoming specialists.

You can analyze your staff and decide on the need for training with Artify HCM. You can also add schedules and monitor employee training. Providing such training allows your employees to do jobs more efficiently, reducing the need for overtime.

Final Thoughts:

Overtime management is critical in every firm because it is dependent on capital resources. Artify 360, on the other hand, allows you to manage effectively and even minimize overtime for improved resource usage.

Artify 360 is the perfect tool for overtime management due to proper analytics, excellent scheduling and communication, and employee training.