You’ve made the best decision for your business to invest in payroll software for UAE. Now you are taking your manual payroll systems to the next level of automated payroll management, which is more efficient and time-saving.

However, choosing payroll management software for your business is tricky, considering the wide variety of software available in the market. Most of the software won’t suit your business goals as they have limited functionality or are flooded with features you may never require.

In this article, let’s dive into the essentials of payroll software for UAE and the steps to find the best payroll software for your business. So let’s begin with the basics of payroll software which will give you a deeper understanding of the payroll software.

What is Payroll Management?

Payroll management is a process of processing and calculating employee salaries in your company. A process begins with collecting and processing data related to salary calculations and ends with automated payslip generation.

Most companies use manual payroll management systems for payroll processing, requiring more manual inputs. Due to the manual inputs, there are high chances for errors and miscalculations in salary processing. Such errors will hamper your business’s quick payroll processing and result in delayed salary payments.

In Short, payroll software uae will help your business to pay salaries to your employees, generate payslips, generate payroll reports, and enhance transparency in employee compensation.

You must incorporate payroll management software if your business has more than 10 employees. Apart from salary calculation, this software will help your business with tax calculations and other essential computations.

Things to consider when purchasing a payroll software uae

Here are the essential features and characteristics of payroll management software you must consider when purchasing a payroll management software

Reputed Vendor

To begin with, you must consider the reliability of the software vendor. Reliability and reputation play an essential role in the quality of the software. The reputed vendors will provide enough trials for the software, which you can avail of to get a taste of the software.

Business Size

Your business size plays a significant role in choosing payroll management software. If you are a small business, you will only need the essential software. While if you are a big business, you will probably need more advanced software which offers you more functionalities.

Also, the budget is essential in determining the best payroll software. As a small business, you will need software that offers more value for money, so the software should provide more features at affordable costs. While as a large business, you can offer a premium for advanced security and backup features.

Data Security

The payroll management will consist of valuable information about your business and employees. It is your responsibility to secure the data of your employees, so you must view data security as a high priority.

When choosing payroll management software, look for the security measures it offers. Check the history of the software and look for any data breach history. Also, look for frequent updates and support they provide to secure the user data.


Ensure the software is compatible with the frameworks and technology your business adapts. If your business has complex employee payment structures, the software should support the same.

Also, ensure the legal compatibility of your business, as it is a crucial one for the smooth functioning of your business. Lack of adherence to the legal requirements can attract severe penalties and lawsuits against your company.

So always check the technical and legal competence of the uae payroll software when choosing one for your business.

Reports and Backup

The payroll reports give valuable insights for your business regarding the functioning of your business. You can get insights into your company’s financial health, which helps you reduce your business’s expenses.

Also, backup is essential for the company if damages or natural calamities occur. With solid backups, you can retrieve the payroll data whenever you need.

When choosing payroll management software, look for cloud-based software as it supports the remote work culture in the company and is way more effective in terms of the functionality it offers.

Artify 360  – The Best Payroll Management Software

Artify 360 is a comprehensive HRMS software designed for small and large enterprises across the globe. The payroll management system of Artify 360 is an advanced and affordable payroll management solution for every business.

It allows faster salary calculation, salary disbursals, and efficient pay slip generation for your business. It is legally compliant with the country where your business operates and supports all complex salary calculation structures.

Artify 360 is best suited for your businesses, having a presence in more than one location across any industry. As we prioritize data security, you can rest assured about the privacy of your employees and business.

Artify 360 payroll management software offers a free trial for companies to get started with the software. The quick installation and seamless integration make the software a must-try for your business.

Request a free trial to implement the best payroll management software for your business.