Your business needs data to survive, as it is a valuable asset. The HR department handles most of the organizational data among all your company’s departments. This data is predominantly about your employees and your business’s crucial function. 

Your HR department also needs to analyze the data from each department.

The data collected from your company’s daily operations across all departments is crucial for making informed decisions. However, manually gathering the data for analysis is time-consuming and inaccurate. So to obtain accurate data and analyze them efficiently, your company needs HR software with reporting capabilities.

Such detailed reports will help your company understand its progress and will figure out the major contributors to the growth. Also, you can quickly get into the root cause of a problem. For example, suppose there is a mass employee turnover in your company, you can figure out the exact reasons with the HR reports software. It helps you identify the employee exit pattern and make better decisions.

HR reporting and analysis are crucial for a business to succeed in this modern era. Let’s discuss how HR reporting software helps your business to grow exponentially and make informed decisions.

Recruitment Data

Recruitment is one of the significant tasks your HR department often undergoes to find the right talent for your business. To make this process more efficient, HR reports software allows your HR team to extract recruitment data and analyze it to gather insights

You can easily find the number of candidates applying for a job and their standard skill sets. To evaluate your screening process, you can check the shortlisted rate at every juncture of recruitment. Thai helps you better understand the hiring strategies in your company, and you can ensure their efficiency.

Also, you can understand the best sources to attract potential candidates and double down on that. Successful businesses find what’s working and further emphasize it for better results.

Leave and Attendance Reports

Employee attendance and leave reports can help you measure an employee’s commitment to your company. By analyzing the attendance and leave reports, you can gather the total working hours of an employee and can measure productivity accordingly.

HR reports software helps you find any patterns in the leave usage of your employees. Detailed leave reports benefit not only your HR team but also your employees. They can learn about their leave patterns, remaining leaves etc.

Employee Performance Reports

Measuring employee performance is the deal breaker for any business. Only when you measure employee performance you can optimize your business for growth. Modern HR reports software allows your HR team to gather insights about the discipline of your employees. You can check whether the employee is adhering to the work-hour policy of your company.

All these insights will help you analyze employee performance which is necessary for appraisal management. Such precise reports and their analysis will provide you with a 360-degree overview of each employee and department.

Employee Management Reports

When your business grows with numerous employees, it is hard for you to manage all employees in a project. You can figure out the human resources allocated for each project with the employee management and project management reports.

Employee reports also help you to analyze the skill sets of your employees. They can provide training to bridge skill gaps. Employee reports analysis is the best way for you to get familiar with the contributions of every employee in your organization.

Benefits of HR Reports in Your Company

Systematic Information Management

HR report software will allow your business to manage employee information systematically. So you can record, arrange, present and analyze employee data effectively. You can turn these data into reports that help you make better decisions regarding your workforce.

Identifies Key Problems

Detailed HR reports will help your HR department figure out the root cause of problems in your organization. Once you know the root cause, you can solve the problem efficiently.

Tracks Human Resources

HR reports software will help your HR team to monitor your employees irrespective of the size of your business. Monitoring your employees to enhance their performance will help you build a solid work culture in your company.

Ensures Employee Commitment

You can analyze the HR reports software to determine your employees’ commitment level. If your employees are demotivated, you can arrange employee engagement programs to connect them with your company.

Data-Backed Decision Making

A decision backed with data is more effective than random decisions. If you ever take your business seriously and desire success, you should embrace HR analytics while making crucial decisions.

Enhances Hiring and Onboarding Process

Recruitment and onboarding are necessary to build a stable workforce for your company. Gathering hiring and onboarding reports will help your company to provide optimized hiring and onboarding experience to your new employees.

Artify 360 –  HRMS Software with Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Artify 360 is the HRMS software that helps your business manage all the daily HR tasks. Artify 360 HRMS software consists of an advanced reporting feature that provides detailed reports and analysis of all the HR departments in your company.

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