The HR team is looking for technologies that make their tasks easier to enable recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees at breakneck speed.

Onboarding software should be carefully selected and its features should be known to get the best results for the organization.

Here are some features to look for in an onboarding management system:

1. Intuitive user experience

The HR team has switched from manual or traditional methods to HRM software. You can update the HR work by using onboarding software systems which gives an intuitive experience. The HR team should gather familiarity with using HRMS onboarding software through training and resources from the software provider.

This is a new user interface for new hires, considering this employee onboarding system is used by new hires for a brief period, so it needs to be easy from the start. The new hires will be easily frustrated when it is hard to log in, find materials, or complete tasks.

2.New Hire Portals

Digitized documents are a comfort to submit to the HR manager. It is the easiest way to store personal and professional data. New hires can log in and read important documents, know about the company’s profile, and learn from tutorial videos.

Having onboarding systems for new employees is useful for the HR team too. With paperless onboarding, important documents of employees need not be printed out and stored but the onboarding management system will store the documents to retrieve them anytime or anywhere when needed.

Employees can check in on the first day of work to do paperwork and learn more about the new company. A slow onboarding process can be made swifter when the HR team keeps an onboarding checklist in place.

3.Digital forms with Autofill

Digital forms speed up the data entry process of new employee details. Picture all the required forms to complete:

  • Offer letters
  • I-9
  • Tax forms (state and federal)
  • Benefits election forms
  • Company policy and/or employee handbook acknowledgments
  • Direct deposit sign up
  • Emergency contact information

It is a monotonous task to enter the same data over and over again. The onboarding management system will make office work more fluent and efficient. Also, the forms are filled in at super speed and devoid of errors.

4. Built-In E-Verify, WOTC, and Background Checks

The employee is verified by the HR onboarding system through processes such as background checks and employment eligibility verification.

Onboarding is compliance related. . By HR onboarding software, new hires and HR staff manage these processes digitally, and paperless onboarding software almost negates the need for compliance.

5. Device and Equipment management

A lot of devices are given by the company to perform those tasks

  • Computer or laptop
  • Computer monitor
  • Mouse and keyboard

The HR team is aware of the equipment distributed by employees and thus misuse or theft can be prevented.

6. Team member introductions

When a new hire is in the office, it takes months to get familiar with other employees. New hires find it hard to memorize the names or job positions of co-workers, but with the best onboarding solutions, new employees can be introduced to fun details of each employee. Hosting weekend meetings and conferences will break the ice and this makes the new employee to work with cheer and confidence.

7. Payroll and HRIS interactions

While using HRM software, onboarding and payroll management are independent modules. So the onboarding process does not interfere with Payroll management.

Onboarding solutions are integrated with employee information across the platform, thus saving valuable time for repetitive typing.

New hire performance reviews

New hires will be performance tracked and analyzed whether they contribute to the goals of the company and amount of the work done from what is assigned.

The onboarding software analyzes the performance of new hires at 30 days, 60-day, or 90-day performance slots, and managers can instruct the new hires for better performance if they are performing below expectations.

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