Leaves are fundamental employee rights in Dubai that keep your employees balanced in their lives. Leaves allow your employees to care for their personal needs, family, and social lives. Employees in the age of globalization and technological advancement require time to unwind to maintain their mental health.

Realizing this, governments in the GCC and Middle East have implemented mandatory leave for employees in all sectors. As a result, every company must implement leave and holidays.

However, managing these leaves for employees in Dubai in a structured manner is challenging. It necessitates the use of proper leave management software in Dubai. Employee leaves and holidays of various types must be organized in your company. Manually managing your employees’ leaves can lead to complexities and errors, resulting in payroll miscalculations and employee dissatisfaction.

As a result, you should implement leave management hr software in Dubai like Artify 360, which allows your company to have a streamlined leave management system. Here’s why Artify 360, the human resource software in Dubai is essential for your business.

Advantages of Artify 360 Leaves Management Software

1. An efficient leave tracking system

Tracking the various types of leaves taken by different employees is difficult, particularly in GCC and Middle Eastern countries. You must provide eligible leaves for Muslim employees that may not be required for non-Muslim employees. You must provide travel leaves for your employees, highlighting the importance of effective leave tracking.

Artify 360 the HRMS Software in Dubai enables your company to track employee leaves effectively. Employees can request leaves quickly, and you can approve or reject them with a single click.

Artify 360 hr software Dubai automatically updates your employees’ leave balances. To improve employee satisfaction, Artify 360 human resource software Dubai has a mobile application that allows your employees to view their leave types, available paid leaves, and other details. The mobile application allows your HR team to manage employee leaves from anywhere.

2. Identify the Leave Pattern of Your Employees:

Analyzing your employees’ leave patterns is critical because it allows you to understand your employees better. A better understanding of your employees is critical for business success and a positive work environment.

Artify 360 leave management software in Dubai provides leave reports that assist your company in gaining critical insights into the company’s leaves. You can identify recurring leave patterns among your employees and deduce the common cause.

An effective leave tracking system also assists you in determining employee engagement, as the least engaged employee frequently takes leave. When considering an employee’s appraisal or promotion, consider the frequency with which they take leave.

3. Reduces Manual Intervention of the HR Department:

Initially, the HR department may find it simple to assist your employees with their leave details. However, as the company grows, it will become challenging and time-consuming. As a result, you require effective HR software with an efficient leave management system, such as Artify 360 hrms software Dubai.

Artify 360 is an HR system software in Dubai combined with leave management software to streamline your company’s leaves. Employees can easily view their leave details without contacting the HR department each time. The mobile application, available for Android and iOS, reduces HR intervention even further because your employee’s leave details will be at their fingertips.

4. Cloud-based Leave Management Software

Purchasing software, installing it on your own premises, and maintaining it is time-consuming and inefficient for a growing business. Artify 360, the leave management software in Dubai, is a cloud-based solution for your company. As a result, you never have to deal with the hassles of installing and managing it.

Because it is cloud-based HR software, you can access it from anywhere worldwide, making remote working possible. Also, leave approvals will not be pending because you can approve them on the go.

With Artify 360 hrms software Dubai, you won’t have to deal with the hassles of routine maintenance, which can waste your time and impede your work.

5. Easy-to-use Human Resources Software in Dubai

Artify 360 is a user-friendly HR software in Dubai with a straightforward user interface. Even though Artify 360 is designed to manage a large enterprise, your employees do not need technical knowledge to use it.

Artify 360, the cloud HRMS software integrates all critical HR components with the leave management system for perfect data sync. A leave management system integrated with payroll software aids in the accurate calculation of lost pay. A leave management system linked to an attendance management system can improve overtime calculation accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Leave management is no longer a difficult task, thanks to Artify 360 the leave management software in Dubai, and its seamless integration. You can quickly approve your employees’ leaves, increasing employee satisfaction and winning their trust. Employee satisfaction and trust are two of the most underappreciated growth hacks for a successful business.