Onboarding is a future-driven process for HRMS software in Kuwait and a process made from the employee’s perspective.

This begins when a new employee joins that employee finding comfort in his job.

An onboarding process is a defined introduction to new hires to their role in a company. The onboarding process provides new hires a perfect runway to find their best performance in minimum time

Best Onboarding practices

A welcome mail is a must. Encourage the employee to introduce themselves and ask colleagues to introduce themselves. A defined orientation program helps employees catch the vision of the company and understand their role in the organization. Make sure that you constantly get in touch with the employee so that he doesn’t get bored or become lonely. Keep up with employees with a transparent employee system.

Benefits of onboarding in the company

Employee retention

Hiring is a hard and expensive process. If you hire an employee, he should last the span of tenure.

Branding is increased

New hires could communicate about the company to others and this can indirectly improve the branding of the organization.

Employee productivity

Onboarding will make employees more confident.

Employee onboarding process steps

Onboarding is a planned process. It is divided into many steps and it lays the foundation of the company’s work.

New employee recruitment

The start of recruitment begins with the writing of a job description that has clarity, accuracy, and tone. Company policies should be defined to the core and there should be no confusion.

First-time office visit

The day1 of the office should be a happy day to remember. The workplace should be compatible with the work of the company.

Sending of an offer letter

Prepare an offer letter that attributes all policies and leave policies of the company. A good offer letter will provide warmth and delight to new hires.

Early Onboarding for new employees

Two to three weeks should be given for documentation of onboarding and the smoothness of onboarding increases the confidence of employees in the organization.

Welcoming New hires on Day 1

Deliver a welcome message that increases a sense of closeness in the organization and personal experience altogether.

Ongoing engagement and team building

Encourage employees to partake in weekend fun games and socializing, so that employees may feel that he/she is part of the organization.

How do we, onboard employees using HRMS software in Kuwait?

When an employee accepts an offer letter he is a part of the organization.

  1. Provide information on company policies
    Make employees aware of the tax policies and complain ace policies of the organization that every employee adheres to. All compliance formalities should be told beforehand.
  1. Prove role clarity
    Allowing an employee to understand what role he fulfills in the organization and what upskill he has to train, is an important point of onboarding.
  1. Facilitate training
    You have to know that employees can do their job successfully if the employee has trained accordingly in web technologies and software used in the company.
  1. Induct into organizational culture
    Company work in the team and workflow should be seamless and company culture also should be introduced to the employee.

What is the duration of an onboarding process?

A formal onboarding program can take 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days, the compliance is introduced to the employee and suitable training is given to the employee and three to six months of performance is evaluated.

Processes to improve the onboarding process

Your companies have a first chance to give the first impression to the employee. Before the first day of the employee, tenured employees should be given information about a new hire, so that they can introduce themselves to new hires. Make all accessories needed for work ready to use such as computers, laptops, or headsets. The employee should be accessible to all systems that are necessary for work. Never forget to follow up with an employee regarding his daily tasks.

Innovating Onboarding process

Using onboarding software, personal greetings can be sent to employees on the occasion of new joining. Once the employee signs, a FAQ session on the company’s culture will be given to streamline the onboarding process. Simulating the onboarding process, virtual tour of the workplace, and live interaction with the HR department is done by an onboarding system in HRMS software.

Phases of Onboarding

The human resource department does initial onboarding when a candidate accepts your offer and continues to work for the company. The employees are given a role in the company and the HR team can ascertain if the employee is completing the given tasks. The next stage is increasing responsibilities and making sure the employee is completing the assigned process. It is also meeting the objectives and eliminating the possibility of workout.

What should be included in the onboarding checklist in Onboarding software?

Here are a few things every onboarding checklist should have:

  • Recruitment process
  • Role of the employee
  • Goal setting
  • Job training
  • Introduction to company culture
  • Dates for check-ins
  • Meeting with other employees or superiors
  • Documentation
  • Learning the product


One of the secrets to keeping your employees happy over the long run is giving them your undivided attention. Better hiring begins with better screening, which leads to better onboarding. The onboarding procedure for a new hire requires time and effort.

Setting expectations, outlining personal traits, and discussing corporate policies are just the beginning of onboarding. A chance for new hires to fit in with your corporate culture can help them feel more confident in their new roles.

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