Employee attendance tracking system is essential for every company that has employees. You should have a proper system to record, track and manage the attendance of your employees. Attendance is crucial data for every activity in your company. The attendance data is necessary for your business to calculate payrolls and not assign tasks.

You are setting yourself up for failure if you rely on manual attendance tracking systems like paper registers and spreadsheets. The manual attendance management system requires more time and resources. The manual methods are inaccurate and prone to errors. Also, in the worst-case scenario, your employees can manipulate them to work in their favor which could lead to unproductive work culture.

To navigate this, you can implement attendance management software in the UAE that are affordable and effective. The attendance management system streamlines the entire attendance process, such as recording attendance, tracking employee absences, precise salary calculation, and tracking log-in and logout times.

This article will walk you through the irresistible benefits of implementing an effective attendance management system.

Advantages of an Attendance Tracking System

Monitor Employees in Real Time

With a proper attendance management system, you can easily monitor your employees’ attendance. You can capture the log-in and logout time precisely to ensure whether your employees are using their time productively or not.

It is hard to manage employee attendance in this modern remote work culture. You should ensure your employees are using their time for the betterment of your company. Cloud-based attendance system in UAE allows you to capture employee attendance precisely, even in remote workspaces.

Eliminates the Need for a Hardware

The advanced attendance system in the UAE eliminates the ends for fancy punch cards and biometric devices, which are costly and need more maintenance. Instead, your employees can enter their accurate attendance with the software, which allows you to generate attendance reports and streamline salary calculations.

Higher Flexibility

You can customize attendance tracking systems based on the policies of your business. You can capture attendance without complications if your employees need to work different shifts, especially rotational shifts. Also, you can process the attendance form from any location, eliminating the need for your physical presence in the office.

Attendance Reports

You can generate reports from the attendance management systems, which provide deeper insights into employee attendance in your company. Such attendance reports help you analyze the trends and patterns in employee attendance. Also, you can find which employees are unproductive during their working hours. You can make better decisions that benefit your business based on such detailed reports.

Eliminates Paper Documents

The paper registers you use to capture attendance are inaccurate and require more storage space. They are hard to retrieve data when needed as it consumes more time. Replacing them with attendance management software will allow your business to free up physical storage space while increasing accurate attendance calculations.

Reliable Data

It is common for employees to alter their attendance data and provide unreliable attendance details. A few minutes a day can result in several losses of productive hours from an employee, and it will be even more when combining all employees. However, with attendance management software in the UAE, you can rest assured that all the attendance data are reliable. You will see an improvement in employee productivity after implementing attendance software in your business.

Increases Transparency

Transparent work culture is crucial in enhancing employee engagement in your company. With the attendance management system, your employees can easily access their attendance data without the intervention of your HR department.

This saves the time of your HR department while facilitating easy data access to your employees.

Cost Saving

The inaccuracies in attendance management and buddy punching constantly threaten employee productivity in any business. However, with streamlined attendance management software in the UAE, you can easily eliminate them and enhance employee productivity.

When the productivity of your employees increases, it will result in more revenue for your company.

Easy Integrations

The attendance management system is integrated with crucial HR elements such as leave management and payroll management for better productivity and accuracy. Such integrations make the system more efficient and offer more flexibility to your HR department.

The Best Attendance Management System in the UAE

Artify 360 is the complete attendance management system in the UAE for fast-growing businesses. You can implement Artify 360 as a complete HRMS solution for your business. ARtify 360 consists of an attendance management system with all the necessary features.

Arrify 360 supports biometric integration from all major vendors in the market. It allows you to track the break time for your employees effectively, and you can easily customize the system for multiple shifts on an employee.

The Artify 360 attendance management system is designed specifically for UAE. It adheres to all the laws and regulations of the country. So you can be assured about the legal compliance of your company.

To check out more on the features of Artify 360, you can request a free demo for your business.