Managing employee leaves in an organization may seem like another routine task with no significance. Companies use manual leave management systems such as paper documents and spreadsheets, hoping everything will work better. A single error in their leave calculation, and they feel the heat of the consequences.

Yes, a single mistake in employee leave management can wreak havoc on your business. It could cause payroll errors, resource crunch, and legal issues in your business. Hence you should implement a proper leave management system to manage employee leaves effectively.

Investing in leave management software will help your organization calculate leave balances, leave payments, and employee self-service and support all types of leaves in an organization. Let’s discuss all the major benefits of the leave management system in this article and also discuss leave software used by the major businesses in the Middle East.

Why is leave management necessary for a company?

Leaves are the basic rights of an employee, irrespective of the industry. To maximize the efficiency of an employee, you should provide them ample time to rejuvenate themselves and spend quality time with their family and friends. Without leaves, your employees will be unproductive in their work.

So your HR department must productively manage the leaves of employees. For this, you need effective leave management software.

Features of a Leave Management System

A good leave management system should simplify the entire leave management process while it is easy to use for both your HR team and employees. It should process the activities such as leave requests, approvals, leave balances, leave encashments, annual leave calculations, etc. So a good leave system will consist of

Unique Dashboard

A dashboard with the leave approval status and day offs of co-workers are crucial for your employees. Your HR department should be able to view an employee’s leave balances and the no.of absences in a department. Also, the dashboard should show the leave requests that need approval in one place.

Unique Policies

Your leave management system should be adaptable to the policies of your business. Each company has different leave policies that abide by the laws and regulations of the country in which they operate and the type of industry. So they left software should be flexible enough to be used across industries.

Cloud-Based System

Ensure your leave tracking system is cloud-based to initiate a seamless remote work culture. So your employees can request leave from anywhere, and you can approve it effortlessly.

Auto Update Leave Balance

An efficient leave tracking system will auto-update the leave balances of an employee. It is a crucial function that demands accuracy as, based on the leave balances, only your employee can apply for a leave. If the leave balances shown in this system are inaccurate, it could cause several complications among your staff.

Multi-Level Approvals

Setting multi-level approval workflows is a must-have feature for any leave management system. It allows your business to set proper approvals for the leaves requested by your employees. So a leave approval will never go unnoticed, preventing employees from availing leaves in a cluster.

Seamless Integrations

Employee leaves are interlinked with the employee payroll. The modern leave management systems are integrated with the attendance and payroll systems to ensure accurate calculations, which leaves no room for any miscalculations and confusion.

Precise Leave Reporting

Generating precise leave reporting lets your company make informed decisions about employee engagement. You can get insights on leave trends in your company and schedule any important meetings and events accordingly. You can assign your workforce to a project based on the leave reports.

These are the crucial features of a leave management system needed for your business growth. Let’s see how these leave management systems can benefit your business.

Eliminates Paperwork

Managing paperwork is an inaccurate process that demands more time and resources. Storage of these paper documents is a headache for every business. A digital leave management system will ensure accuracy while saving the time and resources spent managing paper documents.

Reduces Manual Interventions

With a proper leave management system, your employees can access their leave balances and other information without depending on your HR department. It will facilitate transparency in your business.

Ensures Legal Compliance

A leave management system built for your country will ensure legal compliance for your business as it was designed specifically with the laws in mind. So your business will work without any confusion.

Artify 360 – The Best Leave Management Software

Artify 360 is a complete HRMS software with an advanced leave management system. You can track employee leaves and approve leave requests from employees effortlessly. The easy-to-use interface for Artify 360 is a major highlight which is rare among advanced HRMS software.

Artify 360 supports all types of leaves, including annual leave calculations. Integrating Payroll and Air ticket management can benefit your employees as they can easily access and encash their unused air tickets.

The holiday calendar helps your employees to plan for any upcoming leaves in your company. Artify 360 is the only software your company needs to solve all leave management issues and offer a seamless employee experience.

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