As a business owner or an HR manager you know the growth potential of your company in the UAE. The technological advancements and government policies ensure that this is the perfect time to scale and grow your business. However, you need to build a robust workforce to grow a business. A workforce is combined with skilled and experienced employees who can stick to your company for a long time.

But how will you build a robust workforce for your business? The only way to do this is by recruiting the right people for your company. However, finding and attracting the right people for your company is challenging as it requires more resources and is time-consuming.

Artify 360, the best HR software in UAE, has helped hundreds of HR managers and business owners to hire the best candidates for their businesses. So in this article, let’s discuss the 6 surprising ways Artify 360 HRMS can enhance your recruitment process in UAE.

Artify 360: HR software in UAE for recruitment

Artify 360 HR software UAE comprises an HR recruiting system that helps your company streamline its hiring process. Artify 360 recruiting system is well suited for businesses of any size, irrespective of their industry. It is a powerful recruitment tool to help your company automate its hiring process and tasks involved in every hiring stage. The major advantage of Artify 360 recruitment software in UAE is its simplicity, which your HR team can easily operate and does not need prior technical knowledge.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the six major benefits of the Artify 360 recruitment management system.

1. Application Tracking

Once you publish your job openings on social media or other job platforms, you will receive plenty of applications. All the applications you receive may not be suited for your company and will need proper screening. Screening and filtering these applications will be challenging and time-consuming for your HR team.

On the other hand, the application tracking system in Artify 360 HRMS will let you filter applications that meet your company’s selection criteria. So you can save time and make your recruitment process more efficient and faster.

2. Improves Hiring Efficiency

The whole objective of a hiring process is to find the right employee for your company. Hiring the right candidate will make it easier for them to adhere to your company’s work culture. Only when employees can understand your work culture will they stay with your company for a long time?

Hence finding the right employee will reduce the turnover rate and help build a robust workforce for your business.

3. Speeds up Your Hiring Process

When done manually, the hiring process can take months and requires effort from your HR department. However, with Artify 360 HRMS software in UAE, you can optimize every stage of your hiring process and speed up the recruitment process. So you can hire a qualified employee in less time without sacrificing the efficiency of your process.

4. Enhance the Onboarding Process

Onboarding is when a new hire is transitioned into a new employee. You should provide a great first impression to your new employees during onboarding.

Artify 360 helps businesses to onboard new employees in their organization effectively. It helps employees to get settled in their roles quickly and helps them get started. You can provide onboarding materials with Artify 360 UAE HR Software which your new employees can access and refer to whenever they need.

5. Automated Hiring Process

The manual hiring process necessitates doing repetitive tasks, which can be boring for your HR team. Such repetitive tasks can drain their energy and productivity and lead to burnout. However, with Artify 360 recruitment software in UAE, you can automate the hiring process in your organization.

Instead of doing repetitive tasks, your HR team can spend more time devising efficient hiring strategies and analyzing what is working for your company. With strategic thinking from your HR team, a recruitment system will be more effective for your company.

6. Generate Hiring Reports

You can generate hiring reports with Artify 360 Best HR software UAE. These hiring reports help optimize your hiring process and can easily improve efficiency. You can analyze your hiring strategy and process to find out what brings you desired results. Also, you can find what doesn’t work in your hiring methods.

Analyzing the hiring reports helps you overcome shortcomings and multiply the things that work well. These extensive reports help your HR team to devise better hiring strategies for your company which can further propel your hiring process.

Final Thoughts

Artify 360 is the best HR software in UAE, designed specifically for small and medium businesses across industries. The software comprises an efficient hiring system that enables businesses to optimize their hiring process to attract and find qualified employees.

Artify 360 is an automated hiring software in UAE that helps your HR professionals save time on repetitive tasks. With Artify 360 Hiring management software, you can find the right people to build a solid workforce for your business. With such an efficient workforce, you can propel your business growth and be successful in the UAE.