Employee onboarding and offboarding are two entirely different functions in a company. In the onboarding process, your company will assist new hires in settling into their new role and getting accustomed to your business’s work culture. While offboarding deals with the steps involved in offboarding your employees who voluntarily or involuntarily leave your organization.

Many studies have shown that the offboarding process in most organizations is not organized correctly and is ineffective. Suppose your organization doesn’t treat employee onboarding and offboarding equally. In that case, you are missing a valuable aspect of business growth.

This article discusses the importance of an effective offboarding process and how you can make your offboarding process in Qatar more effective.

Why is an effective offboarding process necessary for your company?

Even Though employee offboarding is the last process in an employee lifecycle, it is not the end of your relationship with the leaving employee. Strategic planning and efforts can make your exit process beneficial for your leaving employees and your company. A smooth offboarding process in Qatar helps with an easy transition between your employees. It will leave an excellent lasting impression among the exiting employees.

Such a good relationship can eventually become beneficial for your business. Your former employees can become your customers by referring your business to others. Also, they can return to your organization in the future as employees. Sometimes, they can be strong advocates for your brand and refer their circle to join your company. Yes, you can even build a talent pool based on the suggestions of your former employees.

Suppose the role demands input from your former employees. In that case, a smooth offboarding process will make the former employees mentor the new employees in your organization.

Yes, the benefits and possibilities will be valuable to your business immensely if you have a proper employee offboarding process.

How to make your employee offboarding process in Qatar effective?

Here are the proven offboarding strategies used by top businesses across the globe to build a good relationship with exiting employees.

1. Maintain an excellent relationship with your employees

Throughout an employee’s journey with your company, you need to build a good relationship with them. It shows your employees you genuinely care about them and are invested in their growth.

When they send you the resignation letter, accept it with open-mindedness and never show your disappointment with them. Instead, respect their decision and genuinely show your acceptance of their decision. Tell them how valuable their contribution to your business is and what their unique professional qualities will help them shine in their new role.

Doing so will help your exiting employees build a good rapport, and they will spread good words about your company. They will leave positive reviews about your company on the job boards, boosting your business’s credibility.

2. Ensure the legal compliance of your company

When an employee decides to leave your company, ensure all the legal formalities are done from both your and the employee’s side. Carefully do all the document processes which are necessary for your company. Also, ensure that the departing terms in your business are communicated clearly and ensure employees have no difficulty following them.

Revisit your company policies about the notice period, final settlements, and other crucial things and adequately communicate them with your departing employees. This will help you avoid any confusion and disagreements. Invest in proper HRMS software with an effective payroll system that helps you in the precise and prompt final settlement.

3. Open the door for your leaving employees to return

A departing employee may return to your company in the future. So your offboarding process in Qatar should be practical and be able to welcome them in the future. A rehire can bring more experience and skill sets to your workforce. Also, it is a strong indicator of your business’s work culture.

4. Gather valuable insights from your leaving employees

Your exiting employees can give you an unbiased opinion about your business and workforce. To conduct exit interviews that help you obtain detailed information on your company. Such extensive interviews help you understand the reason behind the resignation of your employees, and you can realize what your company lacks.

It could be the compensation, lack of employee engagement, internal conflicts, growth opportunities, etc. Knowing the problems within your company helps you resolve them and can make your company a better workplace.

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