Companies are taking various steps to curb employee turnover and strive to enhance employee engagement. Keeping your employees engaged in the company will help them increase productivity and commitment to the business. To increase employee engagement, you should provide adequate training to your workforce.

However, the modern remote work culture poses a stiff challenge in providing effective employee training. So employers need to think outside the box to provide training that keeps employees engaged. You should implement an employee training system to streamline your training efforts and make every employee training session effective.

What is an employee training system?

An employee training system is software that helps your business plan, organize and track employee training. You can seamlessly schedule and deliver a training session that you can track to know the performance.

The modern HRMS software comes with a training management system to provide a one-stop solution for growing businesses. For example, Artify 360 HRMS software incorporates several HR modules, including employee training systems, to offer all-inclusive growth tools for your business.

With Artify 360, you can manage attendance, payroll, leave, appraisal, etc, and employee training.

However, to reap the benefits of such a training management system, you should have a proper strategy to implement employee training in your company which we will discuss in this article.

Identify the training needs

Not all your employees are the same, and their roles and skill sets are diverse. Also, the level of understanding differs, which necessitates the need for personalized training. A training program that is too generic and touches various topics is ineffective today. So you should analyze the needs of your employees by tracking their performance.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees with the performance-tracking capabilities of HRMS software. Doing so will help you find the areas your employees are lagging and will give you clear insights on what should be done to improve them.

Once you identify the needs and goals of your training program, you can initiate the training sessions effectively.

Schedule the training sessions

Proper training session scheduling is crucial for your business’s success. You should ensure that the training sessions won’t overlap with other commitments of your employees. These commitments could include priority tasks, client meetings, and your employees’ leaves.

Implementing HRMS training software with calendar management functionality will help your company to schedule employee training sessions effectively. You can view the blocked dates easily and mark the training dates in the calendar, which your employees can view easily. This will increase transparency and help your employees be prepared ahead of time.

Access to online training practices

Conducting regular classroom training for your employees is hard as your employees are working from home. They can easily get distracted if the training sessions are generic and bland. So make the training program filled with the value which can help your employees overcome their struggles in the workplace and deliver the sessions online.

Modern HRMS training management systems make online training more effortless and efficient. Your employees can easily access the training, and you can view the completion rate of each training module.

Track the effectiveness of your training

When integrated with employee performance management systems, training management systems can skyrocket your business productivity. You can set realistic goals for your employees who finished a training session. Once you set the goals, you can track the performance of your employees. If their performance is satisfactory, your training is practical. If you find the performance post-training unsatisfactory, you can schedule a meeting with your team to understand their challenges.

You should implement a feedback system for all your training efforts to know what’s working and what improvements you can make. Always remember that an effective training program is made possible by constant refinement based on your employees’ feedback. Employee training should benefit your employees to enhance their productivity and help your business grow.

Artify 360 –  The Best Employee Training Management System

Artify 360 is the HRMS software with an efficient employee training management system. You can use Artify 360 to organize, manage and analyze the training programs in your company.

Artify 360 supports all businesses and industries and complies with the legal requirements of Saudi Arabia. You can quickly implement Artify 360 in your company as it provides easy training for your HR team.

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