Payroll software for UAE is essential for your business if you have more than 20 employees because manually managing their salary calculations is difficult. However, most companies regard payroll management as a luxury and avoid it. If you are one of them, you are passing up a huge opportunity for growth and paving the way for several complications.

Even though manually managing payroll appears less expensive, the consequences are far-reaching. Inaccuracies in manual salary calculations can lead to various complications in the payments owed to your employees.

Employee salary miscalculations can lead to delayed salary payments, which is a recipe for losing your employees’ trust. If your employees lose trust in your company, they will be less satisfied, and attrition rates may increase. However, you can better manage your employees by automating your payroll process with payroll software UAE.

Here are a few of the most significant advantages of employee payroll software for UAE.

1. Keeping track of your employees’ working hours

Keeping track of the exact hours your employees worked in a month is important in determining employee pay. You should have the proper software to track attendance and your employees’ work hours.

When your workforce expands, it becomes difficult to manage and calculate working hours. On the other hand, an automated payroll system will accurately calculate attendance, working hours, and break time, which you can then use to calculate employee pay.

2. Determine a complex salary structure

Manual calculations will result in payroll errors if your company has a complex salary structure for various departments. However, using automated payroll software, you can precisely calculate the salaries. You can easily change the salary or payment structure with a computerized system because making changes is simple. Payroll software in the UAE is essential for your business because it simplifies salary calculation.

3. Quicker salary calculations

Manually calculating your employees’ salaries takes a lot of time and patience. As a result, you may require more HR personnel or spend more time each month just calculating payroll. But doesn’t your company perform a variety of other critical functions?

Implementing payroll software for your company is the best way to save several hours per month. Payroll software in UAE assists your company in calculating and disbursing salaries to employees more quickly. When your employees are paid on time every month, their trust in your company grows, as does their job satisfaction.

4. Easy pay slip generation

Payslip generation in a business is a time-consuming and complicated task. If any component of the payslip needs to be modified, the process takes even longer. Your employees will also require the assistance of your HR team whenever they require a payslip.

Investing in HR Software in Dubai is critical for your company to simplify this. A human resources payroll software will assist you in generating automated payslips based on all the data you entered for calculating employee compensation. Additionally, your employees can view and download their payslips without HR intervention. This will save you time while also increasing transparency in your organization.

5. Proper tax management

Tax planning and calculation are critical for your business and its employees. Poor tax management can lead to severe penalties and legal issues for your company. Payroll software, however, can assist you in effectively managing your company’s taxes.

6. Reduces payroll costs

Errors in manual payroll calculations will cost your company far more than you anticipated. Outsourcing your company’s payroll process will result in higher charges and the possibility of payroll inaccuracies and errors.

HR & payroll software, on the other hand, will assist your company in calculating employee salaries in an efficient and error-free manner. As a result, it will save your company resources each month, which you can invest in business growth.

The Best Payroll Software in UAE Is Artify 360

Artify 360 is an  HRMS software in Dubai that includes a payroll management system. With Artify 360 payroll software in UAE, you can have all of the above features and several other benefits critical to your business functions.

The following are the key features of Artify 360 HR & uae payroll software

1. Import employee attendance

You can easily import your employees’ attendance in Artify 360, which is necessary for accurate salary calculations. Artify 360 easily integrates the attendance module with the payroll system for seamless data transmission, improving data accuracy even further.

2. Maintains statutory compliance

Every country has its own set of labor laws, and it is critical to follow them. Artify 360 ensures that all calculations, including indemnity and taxes, comply with UAE regulations. As a result, your company can rest assured that it is legally compliant.

3. Bank transfer forms

Artify 360 generates quick bank transfer templates, allowing your employees to receive their paychecks more quickly. As a result, your employees will receive their salaries earlier each month, with no complications. This will significantly increase their trust in your company and ensure their commitment to your business.

4. Multiple levels of approval

Artify 360 allows you to configure multiple authentication approval levels to ensure the security of your payment process. To begin the payroll disbursement, you must obtain approval from various people within your organization

5. Numerous payment options

You can pay your employees’ salaries via cheques, cash, or bank accounts as you see fit while keeping their convenience in mind. HR professionals and employees alike appreciate Artify 360’s multiple payment mode features.

Artify 360 is the complete payroll software for UAE your company requires because it simplifies the payroll process, increases accuracy, and adds more efficient features.