Both novice and expert people need human resource software in Qatar for training at some point throughout their careers. To stay competitive, your company must invest in new tools as technology evolves regularly. The emergence of automated technologies that simplify your job needs people training.

Artify 360 is the most effective HCM software in Qatar, with an intensive Training management system for optimizing your organization’s individual and group staff training. It helps you arrange training from experts beyond your company.

With an effective monitoring system, you can keep track of your employees’ assessments and comments. You may also examine the budget and expenditures using the top HR software in Qatar. You can easily retain a detailed staff training record using Artify 360. If the firm so desires, the saved data may be evaluated afterward.


  • Add external trainers
  • Save trainer expertise
  • Supports different training types
  • Schedule training
  • Analyze training expenditures
  • Maintains training records, assessments, and post-training
  • Streamlined learning for employees
  • Training metrics
  • Participant Overview
  • Automated skill enhancement


  • Assists with employee decision-making
  • A customizable training management system
  • Customizable appearances based on your preference
  • Seamless integration with other key HR components
  • Allows for greater learning flexibility
  • Collaboration with Employees and trainers
  • A platform for better and more responsive training
  • Easy to set up and perfect for small businesses too
  • Scalability is simple as the company grows