HR reports module is extremely useful since they enable you to learn from the past while providing practical insights for the future. Artify 360 is a smart HR software in Bahrain that includes HR reporting capabilities. HR reports may now be formed, accessed, and examined by businesses.

Artify 360, Bahrain’s HRMS software, creates reports based on exact data, assisting in developing an informed team. The reports will include extensive data on employee productivity, employment themes, and patterns

Artify 360, Bahrain’s HR department software, offers a simplified method for improving personnel management with precise data for every HR operation. Everything from attendance to project management is simplified with Artify 360.


  • Creates accurate payroll reports
  • Comprehensive HR reports
  • In-depth company salary reports
  • Employee leave reports
  • Precise loan/advance reports
  • Employee Indemnity report
  • Employee attendance report
  • Summary report on attendance punching


  • Accurate information on advances or loans taken by employees
  • Produces accurate attendance reports
  • It is simple to obtain departmental summary sheets
  • Receive your employees’ annual salary reports
  • Active forecasting of your hiring needs
  • Manages and analyses employee compensation
  • Allows you to make bold hiring decisions based on data
  • It aids in a better understanding of your employees and their needs
  • Allow you to make strategic decisions for your company’s growth