The need for a HR software in Qatar for your core HR operations like Artify 360 the all-in-one HRMS software in Qatar is evident in the subsequent scenario. Large businesses have a workforce management structure in place. They provide techniques for storing and retrieving employee information and other important team updates. Yes, these businesses have advanced beyond the point of using sheets to administer their employees, which are difficult to set up and retrieve from anywhere.

The Artify 360 the best HRMS software and the office management software in Qatar assists you in managing organizational records, academic and employment profiles, competence profiles, wage progression, issued asset monitoring, and documentation for driver’s license, visa, and work permit, and passport.

Artify 360 is the cloud HRMS software in Qatar, created with Qatar laws in mind. Artify shields small and big businesses from government regulations, which is vital for every company. It caters to the requirements of businesses of all sizes in Qatar.


  • Directory of employees
  • Quick search options
  • Employee transfer functionalities
  • Employee promotion management
  • Handles employee warnings and terminations
  • Handles employee travels
  • Maintains employee grades
  • Easy integration with other HR modules


  • Artify 360 helps you save time on repetitive tasks
  • It helps protect your employees’ sensitive data
  • Manage all facets of your workforce from a single location
  • It is integrated with modules such as payroll, hiring, attendance, etc
  • Employee data access is made easier and faster
  • Allows for greater transparency and employee satisfaction
  • An intuitive and exceptional employee experience
  • It gives you a clearer picture of your business decisions