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Manage the hiring process in your organization effortlessly with recruitment management software

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Recruitment Software In Qatar

Organize and Optimize Your Hiring Process with Artify 360

Turn the best candidates into your loyal employees with the most effective hiring software.

A lengthy hiring process of your organization could be a turn-off for your candidates in this fast-paced world. Research shows that Millennials hate slow procedures and consider them unorganized. So the need for a faster hiring process is evident.

Artify 360 is the best Hiring software in Qatar used by fast-growing companies in Qatar for streamlining their recruitment and other HR operations. The structured hiring procedure in Artify 360 helps companies to speed up their recruitment process to find the right talents for their business.

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Hire Only the Right Talents You Need

Only qualified and competent employees can help your business grow and achieve greater heights. Unmotivated employees require constant monitoring and reviews, which could cause headaches for your management. Artify 360 recruitment management software optimizes your recruitment process so that you can easily attract the best candidates available out there.

Whether your company is small or large, you can use Artify 360, the best hiring software in Qatar as you can customize it easily. This customization also allows you to add extra functionality for your business. The right talents will always help you build a highly competent workforce that guarantees business success.

You can set your needs and priority for recruiting a new hire in Artify 360. It helps you to craft the apt job description for the opening roles in your company.

You can assign skilled recruiters to hire people for a specific role. Assigning skilled recruiters will make the hiring process more efficient.

Artify 360 comprises a unique job board that can be customized to your brand identity and attract the right candidates.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your recruitment process with applicant management system in Artify 360 and can optimize it when needed.

You can track your applicants’ details and the hiring status of each applicant easily in Artify 360.

Artify 360 is a cloud-based application you can access from anywhere at your convenience.

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Best Recruitment Process In Qatar
Recruitment Management Software In Qatar

Best Hiring Software in Qatar for Your Business

Using Artify 360 recruitment management software, you can automate and organize your recruitment process, saving time, money, and hassle.

  • Generate job descriptions
  • Post jobs
  • Obtain application
  • Evaluating candidates
  • Schedule and monitor applicants

Each interaction with your candidates is structured and transparent for you and your recruiters. Transparency increases trust and eliminates hiring bias.

  • Assign, modify, and swap recruiters
  • State your specific needs
  • One-click resume download 
  • One-click cover letter download 
  • A dashboard for monitoring hiring

With Artify 360’s applicant management system attractive and remarkable job board, your job postings will attract competent people.

  • State your requirement & criteria
  • Launch the job board
  • Create, modify, and publish job listings
  • Modify your job board
  • Edit jobs using the in-built CMS.
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The Right Solution for Your Hiring Challenges

The modern world demands your hiring process to be efficient and faster, or else the candidates will find your job openings less attractive. The manual hiring process in companies takes a long time, which could be a turn-off for the applicants, and they will be lost. However, Artify 360 solves the hiring problem with its efficiency and faster hiring process.

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Applicant Tracking Software In Qatar
Applicant Management System In Qatar

Artify 360 Simplifies the Tasks of Your HR Team

The automated and structured hiring process by Artify 360, the best hiring software in Qatar eliminates the constant interventions for your HR team and reduces the documentation required. So this will help you save time and resources in your organization while reducing the burden on your HR team.

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