HCM Software in Qatar for Appraisal Management is important to the achievement of any firm. However, the assessment process is complicated, and making the right choices is paramount. Employees that are unhappy with the assessment process will leave their jobs.

An appraisal management system, such as Artify 360, the HRMS software in Qatar, can optimize your company’s evaluation process and aid you in making the appropriate decision.

Artify 360, the cloud HRMS software in Qatar, strives to enhance employee performance by simplifying HR procedures and enhancing retention rates. You may benefit from an effective goal formulation, goal tracking, and performance evaluation system with a complete staff assessment procedure. The HR management software in Qatar, Artify 360, provides you with the information you need to assess an employee’s performance across every department.


  • Set employee performance indicators
  • Update and evaluate monthly employee performance
  • Set employee goals
  • Set department goals
  • Create multiple goal types
  • Track progress easily
  • Accurate metrics
  • Covers all facets of employee performance
  • Analyze the skillsets of employees
  • Enhances competency of employees


  • Establish employee performance markers
  • Employee performance is reviewed and assessed monthly
  • Establish employee objectives
  • Set departmental objectives
  • Create many objective types
  • Simple progress tracking
  • Realistic metrics
  • It covers every aspect of employee performance
  • Examine employees’ competence
  • Enhances competency of employees