The need for leave management software in Qatar like Artify 360, the HRMS software in Qatar is mostly due to the following situations in a company. Managing your employees’ leaves on your own or with your team will become more complex as your company expands. In addition to holidays, it may be challenging to keep track of sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, privilege leaves, and so on. However, leave management may have an impact on the remuneration of employees. Consequently, there is a clear need for efficient leave management and employee management software.

Artify 360, the best HCM software in Qatar is preferred by numerous firms in Qatar because of its convenience, accuracy, and flexibility for various industries. Artify 360 is the best HR management software in Qatar for organizing, requesting, and approving leaves and absences.

Your employees can see all elements of their leave, such as the total number of leaves taken, the remaining paid leaves, the total number of days worked, and so on. Also, companies can specify the sorts of absences and compensate for losses in accordance with their rules.

As previously stated, manual calculation and managing leaves will lead to poorer productivity and potential human errors. A slight inaccuracy in leave management might lead to salary miscalculation, resulting in employee dissatisfaction. However, the best HR software in Qatar can result in higher employee satisfaction and a happy team.


  • Leave tracking system
  • Guaranteed employee satisfaction
  • Minimise employee attrition
  • Legal compliant leave policies
  • Improves accuracy
  • Enhance employee productivity and morale
  • Integration of other HR modules
  • Reduces data misinterpretation
  • Customizable for all industries


  • Cloud-based and cost-effective solution
  • Apply, approve, or manage your leaves from anywhere
  • Auto-updates the leave balance
  • Customize your organization’s approval workflow
  • Faster and precise leave reporting
  • HR manual interventions are no longer required
  • Improves communication in your organization
  • Promotes real-time data visibility
  • Saves time for employees and the HR team
  • Avoids multiple leaves in a single day