Employee training is the secret sauce of every successful business ever made. Upskilling your employees to enhance their skill sets is crucial for every business to get a competitive advantage in this modern era. However, providing employee training is a challenging task.

You must navigate plenty of challenges to provide effective employee training in your company. Effective training is essential for your business growth. In contrast, ineffective training often leads to a wastage of time and resources in your company.

In this article, let’s discuss the challenges in employee training and the steps you can take to overcome them and make them beneficial and predictive for your company and its employees.

Challenges in implementing an effective training program

Knowing these employee training challenges will help you make the training more effective and avoid these hurdles.

1. Keeping your employees engaged

An engaged workforce is key to the growth of every business. Suppose your employees are not aligned with your business. In that case, there are high chances of disorientation, which can lead to employee disengagement.

Lack of engagement will reflect in the employee training programs as your employees will never understand the need for training. Without the cooperation of your employees, your training programs will be ineffective, no matter how value-packed they are.

2. Customizing training for each employee

Each employee in your organization is unique and has different skill sets. One employee in your sales department may have strong negotiation skills, while another will be effective in follow-ups. A training program that is effective for one may seem ineffective for the other as their abilities and needs vary.

So there is a need for customized training for every employee in your company. Only then will your employees benefit from the effective training programs you have arranged or planned.

3. Providing ongoing training

No matter how organized your value-packed employee training is, your employees often forget what they learned. This will lead to confusion when they face challenges in their given task.

The remote work culture further amplifies this challenge, and you may see a drastic rise in employees asking for support from your IT team. To counter this challenge, you need a proper training management system that provides your information and assistance whenever your employees need them.

4. Training a dispersed workforce

Your business needs a different approach to training your remote workforce. You may need to comply with the regulations of other states and countries your employees live in. Training conducted with video conferencing is ineffective compared to traditional classroom training. So it is challenging to provide effective employee training for your remote workforce.

5. An user-friendly training platform

Providing a user-friendly training platform is crucial for proper training for your employees. Many businesses offer a boring training platform which is harder for employees to navigate training. This could cause disinterest in the training programs as they are hard to follow up.

Hence, providing a user-friendly, seamless training platform is crucial for effective employee training in your organization.

Perfect Solution for the Training Challenges in Your Company

Training management in the HRMS software is the solution to the employee training challenges that HR departments face. Let’s see how efficient training management software easily solves the challenges we discussed above.

1. Identifies the employee’s needs

As we mentioned earlier, each of your employees has varied skill sets and needs regarding training. So you should provide customized training for your employees. So you should properly understand what an employee needs from a training program. You should know what your employees are lacking and what they excel with.

To know what training your employees need, you should consider the skill levels, demographics, work environment, and preferred training method. Every employee will prefer different training methods which they feel convenient with. Some employees prefer virtual training, while others find group training effective.

So it is your responsibility to find what training method is best for your employee and what your training programs should consist of. Knowing this allows you to organize effective training programs your employees benefit from.

2. Set realistic goals and measure them

To know the effectiveness of your training programs, you should set realistic goals for your employees. In other words, setting achievable goals is crucial for employee training. No matter how effective your training is, you will never get the desired results if the goals are not achievable.

So you should consider the important KPIs for your training programs. Some key KPIs you can implement are Training attendance rate, Average time to completion, engagement rate, average time on the platform, Drop out rate, and training completion rate.

You should track and measure the productivity of your employees before and after the training to find the effectiveness of your training programs. Only when you measure progress will you understand what works and what changes need to be made.

3. Offer Interactive Learning

You should ensure your training is value-packed, which can benefit your employees. With a proper training management system, you can add expert trainers within your company or even from outside your organization.

You should enable your employees to submit feedback within the training management system to understand how they are benefited from the training. Feedback helps your company to optimize your training in the coming days.

Artify 360 – The Best Training Management Software for Your Business

Artify 360 is the HRMS software with employee training management for businesses that strives to improve the quality of their employees. This allows you to streamline and organize your training programs. Also, you can set different training KPIs, which is crucial to track the success of your training.

Artify 360 training systems are integrated with the performance management system to measure employee productivity before and after training. Artify 360 has a seamless user interface that facilitates easy learning and training for your employees.

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