Most companies across every industry have started implementing attendance-tracking software in Saudi Arabia because of its potential. Companies overlook manual attendance tracking systems such as registers and spreadsheets. These manual systems are flawed as they are inaccurate and time-consuming.

The attendance tracking software helps in better attendance management of your employees. As attendance management is linked with your payroll calculation, it should be precise and accurate.

With the attendance tracking software, your employees should be accountable for their attendance. At the same time, your HR team can effectively capture and process employee attendance.

This article discusses the importance of attendance-tracking software in Saudi Arabia and also gives a glimpse of the best attendance-tracking software in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of an Employee Attendance Tracking Software


As the remote working culture has become increasingly popular, companies should adapt. The attendance tracking software in Saudi Arabia will let you record the attendance of your employees even when they work away from the office. You can integrate the software with internet devices and smartphones, which precisely captures the attendance of your employees.

So you can track the attendance of your employees even when you are not with them. You can implement advanced features like geo-tagging and accurate location features that precisely indicate where your employees are.


Attendance management plays an integral part in payroll calculation for an employee. If your attendance tracking is inaccurate, it will affect the accuracy of the salary calculation and payroll processes. When your payroll calculation is affected, it will affect the timely salary payment for your employees. Delayed salary payments would cause employee disengagement in your company. So accuracy in attendance is necessary for any business.

Cost Reducing:

Your business success is largely dependent on the output of your employees. Lack of proper attendance tracking will result in absenteeism. Buddy punching, inaccurate time reporting and overpayment.

Absenteeism is a major threat to any business as the employee cheats on the manual attendance tracking methods. Buddy punching is a malpractice in which a colleague punches the attendance of another employee. So an employee can mark his attendance without showing up to work.

All these could affect the productivity of your employees and will be a waste of your costs. However, with attendance tracking software in Saudi Arabia, you can reduce costs and improve the productivity of your employees.

HR Productivity:

Managing employee attendance is a repetitive and time-consuming task that your HR team should repeat daily. With attendance management software in place, your HR team can automate these tasks effectively and save time. This saved time can be used to perform other necessary HR tasks in your business.

Reports and Analytics:

The major advantage of implementing attendance management software in Saudi Arabia for your business is its reporting and analytics capabilities. This allows your business to gain insights into the attendance and behavior of your employees.

Also, you can analyze the emergence of trends in employee attendance. This helps you significantly when devising new policies and business strategies in your company.

Enhanced Security:

Apart from tracking the real-time attendance of your employees, the attendance tracking software offers more security to the employee data. The multi-level authentication, security protocols, and data encryption make the software more robust and reliable.

Artify 360 is the Best Attendance-Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

Choosing the right software is essential to get the maximum benefits at an affordable price. There is plenty of cheap attendance tracking software, but Artify 360 offers you more all-around performance.

Artify 360 is not only an attendance tracking software but a complete HR management software in Saudi Arabia. It allows your HR team to simplify every HR operation in your company and perform them in less time with higher accuracy. It comprises a wide range of HR modules such as recruitment management, asset management, leave management, payroll management, appraisal management etc.

The attendance management module for Artify 360 simplifies your attendance management as you can track and process employee attendance effectively. The software is used by businesses across the globe.

Some of the crucial and unique features of Artify 360 are

Timesheet Management

You can generate timesheets with a single click which shows your employees’ logged time and the time is taken for their task completion. So you don’t need to spend hours compiling all the tasks and time spent on them.

A Unified Dashboard:

A single dashboard to track the attendance of your employees individually and department-wise is useful for your HR team. Also, you can see your employees’ time spent on various projects.


The notifications feature is often an overlooked feature by many vendors. It alerts the employees if they forget to log in or out at a specific time. It enhances employee engagement in your company.


What makes Artify 360 unique is its ability to integrate with other crucial HR modules, such as leave management and payroll management. These integrations make the software more useful for HR managers and employees simultaneously

Request a free trial of Artify 360 HRMS software in Saudi Arabia and start tracking your employee attendance now.