The Human resources department’s primary responsibility is to store a business’s records. These records could be employee data or maybe business records. Whatever it could be, preserving these data is crucial for the success of your business. The HR department has two primary responsibilities regarding employee file management in UAE. The data should be stored efficiently and accessed quickly whenever the company needs it. Your HR team should store the business records in a legally compliant manner, or else your business may attract penalties and legal charges.

To manage your business data efficiently, your company should adopt a document management system known as a file management system. This article will share insights on how a file management system can help your company to manage employee data efficiently.

What is Employee File Management?

Employee file management is storing, retrieving, and analyzing the employee data acquired in the different stages of an employee lifecycle. The traditional way to store employee data is by maintaining paper records. Such a paper document management system requires a lot of storage space and manpower to handle them.

Also, the manual file management system in UAE makes it hard to retrieve the needed data at the right time. Manual document management is inconsistent and lacks reliability.

Adopting digital document systems made file management in a business more effective and enhanced data reliability.

What Is an Employee Data Management System?

The employee data management system is software that acts as a digital document storage system in which you can store all the employee data and access them whenever you need. Document management software is safer than paper records, and you can search and find a particular document more easily.

In short, an employee file management system safeguards your employee data and speeds up the file retrieval process.

Best Employee File Management Process

To effectively use an employee data management system, your business should follow the following steps.

1. Map Your Documents

Make a list of all necessary documents you must collect from youtube employees. It could be from personal details to all other necessary documents you ever need from your employees. These documents may include both generic documents and sensitive employee data. Also, list all the essential business documents you need to store. These data could be the legal documents regarding your business and several agreements in your company, such as land agreements.

2. Define Access Needs

Define who needs access to each of these documents. Some documents need access by your employees, while the majority of the documents need access to your HR team. Some highly sensitive documents need the access of your top management. Hence it is crucial that you plan the required access level for each document you are willing to store in the document management system.

3. Identify the Requirements and Goals of a Document

You should identify the requirements and goals of every document you store in your company. You can set up triggers for each document based on the requirements and needs. If a document needs to be disposed of after an employee leaves your company, you can set employee termination as the trigger for such action. Clarifying the triggers and requirements helps your company to be legally compliant.

4. Calculate Security Measures

Define the security measures needed for each of the documents in your company. Some documents need to be stored with password security, while some other documents may not need such protection. It is essential to calculate the security measures needed for every document.

5. Implement an Employee Data Storage System

Once you map out all your document management system’s needs, create a dedicated workflow for all the documents. Then implement the data storage system and set up the workflow in action.

Artify 360 – The Best Employee File Management System

Artify 360 is the employee document management system that helps your business store employee data and retrieve them effectively when needed. You can set up different levels of access to the data and can set password protection for highly sensitive documents.

Artify 360 HRMS software ensures the legal compliance of data by adhering to the laws and regulations of Middle Eastern countries. The software also has proven workflows that make your data storage in management a breeze.

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