HR software in Dubai is essential software for small, medium and large businesses. The numerous benefits they bring can significantly impact the growth and future of a business. Most businesses across the globe have started implementing HRMS software in Dubai in their company and have seen significant results, which persuades other companies too.

If you somehow heard about the numerous benefits of HRMS software and decided to purchase an HR software in UAE for your business, then you should read this article. This is intended to provide useful information about how to fix the budget for busing an HRMS software in Dubai for your business.

To begin with, you should know the different commonly found pricing methods of HRMS software in UAE and their advantages. 

Types of Pricing of HRMS Software in Dubai:

Pay per employee/per month:

In this pricing method, you must pay a charge for each employee irrespective of usage. The higher the number of employees, the lower the charge per employee will be. This will be a variable option for most companies as they do not require much operating cost.

Pay per user/per month:

Unlike the previous method in this pricing model, you will have to pay a specific charge for only the administrative users, not all employees. Typically you will have more administrative users when you have many employees and vice versa.

However, in this pricing model, you should be aware that some vendors consider all your employees as administrative users as they have access to employee self-service modules in the human resource software in Dubai.

One-time payment:

One of the most effective payment models allows you to pay a fixed amount for one time, and you can use the HR software in Dubai for a specified period. The period could be a minimum of 1 year and can be a maximum of a lifetime.

Although it is a fixed one-time payment, you will have to pay a small amount for the maintenance, and in case you need any additional features, then extra charges will be added.

This is one of the most preferred payment methods by successful businesses. However, some small companies fear committing to such a long-term relationship with a HRMS vendor in Dubai.

Free Softwares:

Plenty of free options are available in the market if you’re on a tight budget and just need some basic hr features. However, remember that it is never advisable to enter sensitive data for your employees in the free hr software in Dubai. You should invest in a secured HR software like Artify 360 for enhanced security.

Now, choose the payment structure that suits your company best and move on to the important part, how much does HR system software in Dubai cost?

How Much Does HRMS Software in Dubai Cost?

There is no specific answer to this question because each company has specific requirements and factors that affect the cost of HR system software in Dubai.

Here are a few factors that could affect the cost of the HRMS software

Factors that Affect Costs of HR & Payroll Software in Dubai

1. Requirements of your company

Not all companies are the same and have the same HR requirements as some companies just need a payroll management system while others require a fully functional HRMS software in Dubai like Artify 360.

It is important to identify the exact requirements of your company. Speak with the HR department and find their company’s challenging and boring tasks. Make a list of the features you should have and the good ones.

Human resources management software in Dubai with mobile app support will cost more than the basic one, and if you do not need some features of an HR system software, your cost will be lower.

2. Size of your business:

There is HRMS software in Dubai for small, large, medium, and other business sizes. If the software is built for large enterprises, it will not be that effective for a small business because the functionalities will be made keeping large companies in mind.

So before purchasing software, go through the ideal target of that vendor and ensure it is made for businesses like yours. You won’t benefit from using workforce management software in Dubai built for small businesses if you are a fast-growing medium-sized company.

The pricing of HR & Payroll software in Dubai for large companies will be higher, while the ones made for small businesses will be comparatively cheaper. So the size of your business will play a role in determining the cost of HRMS software in Dubai.

3. Maintenance or extra costs:

Some HR software like Artify 360 requires yearly or monthly maintenance issues when hosted on their server. Also, if your company is expanding rapidly, you need to upgrade in future which could cost you extra money. If the government makes a new regulation, you must change your HR software in the UAE. 

All these factors could affect the cost of the HRMS software in Dubai you would like to purchase.